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Posted by Shawn & Annette in Twain Harte News on April 5, 2011

I received an email yesterday that started me wondering if others were having the same type of issues with their insurance company.

One reader wrote:

I was wondering if you have any historical weather records, especially wind.  Our cabin was severely damaged in the storm around 3/20/2011 (give or take a few days).  Although our cabin is not in Twain Harte, we are reasonably close, (location removed for privacy). 

Our insurance company is claiming that wind was not a factor! Any help is greatly appreciated.

We live east of Twain Harte and we experienced some really nasty wind storms. I remember getting concerned, as a Michigan transplant, I’ve experienced many tornadoes. When I read about the funnel cloud sightings in Calavaras County on MyMotherlode, I started to pay closer attention to the sky.

Did anyone else suffer any wind damage? We had the lattice above our deck crash in at 1:00 a.m. one morning. I’ll have to check the date stamp on my camera. It collapsed from the weight of the snow, impacted by the heavy wind storm.

So, please drop us a line if you experience the stong winds and/or wind damage.

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