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The Twain Harte Homeowners meeting was well attended, with over 100 residents in attendance today at Black Oak School. Many issues where discussed, with residents expressing concerns regarding local signage and fire safety issues.

The Twain Harte Homeowners Association took up a donation for the Daffodil Fund, matching funds will be provided by a board members family, as part of the Twain Harte beautification project. Other projects include new informational signage for the Twain Harte area. The signs have already been approved by the Twain Harte board and will be put into place once approval for the new signs have passed muster with Tuolumne County.

County response to many issues has slowed to a snails pace as we discovered over the July 4th weekend, when an injured buck was shot by a sheriff and left to die on our property. I brought this issue up at the meeting but my question was never addressed, the moderator quoted time constraints as an issue. With over 400 Tuolumne County jobs having been cut or eliminated altogether, bringing the 950 county positions down to a mere 550, getting services in the future could take an act of congress. The county is due to lose another 81 jobs during the months of July/August.

The Twain Harte Community Services District (THCSD), will be seeking yet another rate increase to cover needed upgrades to our antiquated water and sewer services. The details are shared by Scot A. Moody, General Manager, on page 5 of the bi-annual newsletter available online in pdf format. I must admit having our electrical meters switched over to “Smart Meters,” wasn’t a big hit with the locals and now they are discussing switching our water meters to digital meters.

One of the projects listed is the replacement of our existing mechanical water meters with digital (green technology) water meters. The digital meters will allow the district to read the meters in a more efficient manner and will save the district manpower and fuel costs associated with this process. Additionally, the electronic meters are much more accurate than manual meters, and will allow us to provide you with better service. The District expects to save in excess of $43,000 annually as a result of this project. [Read more…]

There are even talks of putting a hydro-electric power plant online, which has been sitting idle since 1985, in order to sell power back to TUD and provide an offset for some of the planned rate increase.

The 2011 Litter Pick-Up Dates are as follows:

  • August 6 at 9:00 AM
  • September 3 at 9:00 AM
  • October 8 at 9:00 AM
  • November 5 at 9:00 AM
  • December 3 at 10:00 AM

Volunteers are always welcome to assist in the clean up efforts. Many hands make light work.

The issue I was most concerned about, the string of burglaries that were occuring in the Twain Harte area, was only briefly addressed. It was reported that 29 local breakins had occured in Twain Harte over a 6-month period, the main suspect was taken into custody last month, so the issue has been put to rest.

I am concerned because a group of about 50 mexican nationals were camping at Beardsley over the July 4th weekend and were causing trouble with local campers. It was reported that the non-English speaking group was playing loud music until 3:00 a.m. and raiding campsites. The trouble ended with guns being drawn by local campers, as the rangers were powerless to act against such a large group of people.

If you plan to go camping this year use caution and get to know the campers near you. You may need to band together to protect your family and your camping gear against unwanted predators and mischief makers.


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Sign in Stanislaus National Forest, California...

Stanislaus National Forest

It’s been a very busy week in Twain Harte, someone turned the heat on and left it on. I’m glad I’m not paying the propane bill for all this heat. The heat has brought people to the mountains in droves. Traffic hasn’t been this bad since – well since ever as far as I can recall.

While you are up here enjoying yourself with family and friends, I’d like you to please keep an eye out for Sandy, she’s been gone a week now.

We are seeing a lot more humidity than we normally see in the month of July, so be prepared to be hot and sticky. Speaking of hot and sticky, I know most of your vehicles are equipped with air conditioning because you are escaping the valley heat but you don’t have to cool yourselves driving 100 miles an hour.

Where is the fire? You come to the mountains to relax and unwind. Highway 108 is not The Indy 500. Slow down for pity sake. Because of our funky winter, we had a bumper crop of deer this season — I say had because far too many have been slaughtered this summer by motorists driving too fast. Just this week alone I’ve seen…

  • deer
  • raccoons
  • squirrels
  • birds
  • opossum
  • and other DEAD animals laying on the road.

It would be like a stranger driving through your home at 65 miles an hour. I normally have deer and turkeys visit my home daily as well as raccoons and many many squirrels. I’ve seen only one deer and a couple of squirrels all week. How can you enjoy nature if you drive it away or worse, kill it. Please slow down. Hell, stop and smell the flowers while you are here.

It’s great to get away and let your hair down but please take your trash with you. I wonder if you would be ashamed to know that we have 80 year old women who pick up the trash you leave behind? Crews of volunteers take to the streets to pick up the beer bottles, paper cups, and even entire bags of garbage that get tossed out beside the road. I love these mountains and the wildlife that call this area home. Your mother doesn’t live here. Pick up after yourself! If you bring it with you, or buy it here, take it home or dispose of it properly.

Lastly, if you enjoy the wildlife, please don’t feed it, don’t hold it and don’t treat it like a pet. Animals can be trained and tamed but then it will be doomed to death. Deer who are hand fed, petted and become too familiar with people, become tame, then are killed by hunters during hunting season or by motorists throughout the year — because they have come to trust man. I don’t have a problem with hunting but the deer should at least have a sporting chance at survival.

Want to have a good time in Twain Harte?

  • Take all the pictures you want.
  • Take some time for a nature walk.
  • Go fishing, boating, swimming, skydiving, caving, spelunking or zip-lining.
  • Partake of the local night life.
  • Buy a pizza, shop at The Market.

Always remember to:

  • Slow down
  • Pick up your trash
  • Don’t feed the wildlife
  • One last thing: Don’t dump your pet here.

Apparently, many valley people think that turning their unwanted dog or cat out into the wild is a good idea and that they can fend for themselves or will be happier in the great outdoors. Every year dozens of cat and dogs are lost and never found or left behind in the mountains only to end up road kill or lion bait. If you bring your pet with you, keep your dog or cat on a leash. Don’t let them wander off alone.

Have a terrific summer and enjoy the majestic Stanislaus National Forest, we certainly do. Be sure to stop up to Pinecrest for their Ranger programs and movies at the amphitheater.


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