The Birds Are Singing


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Family Fun on May 1, 2012

Ever noticed how slow I am at posting in the spring & summer? In the winter there is always the snow to talk about, or the wind, or power outages… It’s so exciting to wake up to fresh snow.

Bullock's OrioleTo be honest I’d love to post more in the summer, but I’m just too darn busy. It takes time to put on a decent picnic and we have a lot of picnics during the summer. My husband is a new grill enthusiast and he likes to use his Char-Griller Duo every chance he gets. He even put on the smoker a couple weeks ago (which sat in the garage waiting for him for only 2 years or so). I can’t wait to use it!

I used to work at Laszlo’s Gourmet Smoked Fish in Old Town Sacramento. Let me tell you, that it is the best (bar none) smoked fish I have ever tasted. His smoked salmon is absolutely amazing and if you make the trip, don’t leave without trying the smoked prawns!  I’ve had people who don’t even like fish try Laszlo’s, and most have loved it. It’s a special treat, and we love it so much we still make the 3+ hour drive (each way) several times a year to Old Town Sac just for the fish. Yes, really.

Anyway…We finally moved the bird feeders around. I’m going to get out my fancy bird baths and plant some flowers, too. My husband’s father has a bit of a green thumb and an absolutely amazing garden, so we’re taking his advice this year and waiting for Mother’s Day before doing too much. As soon as Shawn has the time to get the camera online, we’ll be all set to go. I can hardly wait, but in reality it will probaby be late summer or even this fall before he has the time to work on it.

Why can’t technology be easy? They keep promising easy, but never quite seem to pull it off. Even the updates on our computers – talk about complicated! If you forget something, you leave yourself wide open to viruses and worse.  I’ve got Shawn to do my updates for me… you can, too.

“The boys” (that’s what we call our Shih Tzu puppies) just love the birds. When the birds start singing they tip their heads to one side and listen as if it were the only thing in the world. The Stellar Jays sure have been active lately. It seems to me they should be having their babies soon. So, I have been making sure they have plenty to eat and drink. In return, they sing to me almost all day long. It’s so wonderful to open the windows and hear the birds singing. It just makes me want to sing.

Our cat is due to have kittens any day. Fortunately, I already have three spoken for… I hope she has that many. She is as big as a barn and I find myself checking on her regularly. She wants to go outside and she’s not very happy about being stuck in the house.

It’s been a hard day today. Shawn’s brother would have been 40 today. He passed away Easter of 1995. Shawn really misses his brother a lot. Rest in peace Jay.

I’ll try to write more often. Anyone know when the birds have their babies?

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