Thai not ready for prime time


Posted by Annie in Restaurants on May 29, 2020

We stopped in at Sonora Thai Cuisine restaurant in Sonora today.  We parked a block away, because you know how parking is downtown. Impossible!  I just love rice noodles and mine just don’t turn out right, no matter how hard I try. 

Sonora Thai Cuisine - Restaurant | 51 S Washington St, Sonora, CA ...

It’s about 3:00 p.m., the sun is beating down, it’s hot. The menu is outside and the phone number posted on the window. After looking over the menu, I was ready to order, so I tried calling, the phone is busy. I see the door is open, so I go inside. The lady inside, walks to the middle of the room, tells me to call, I told her I tried to call and the line was busy.  I ordered the Pad See Ew and the lady disappeared into the kitchen.

Another lady showed up, she told me to call.  I explained that I had already ordered.  She went and prepared my bill, stood in the middle of the room and shouted the amount, and asked if we were paying by cash or credit.  My husband told her cash and passed her a $100 bill across the tables they had surrounding the door, so there was a small square to stand in.  She took the $100 bill, sprayed in with something and came back with our change.  She held the money with two fingers.  

After we paid, she asks us to wait outside.  So, we went outside in the hot sun and waited for our food.  After about 15-minutes, my husband started to talk about how we had to walk to our car after we finally got our food.  That scared me, walking up hill in that heat.  I went back inside, where the air conditioner cooled the building quite nicely.  I faced the door and tried to be unobtrusive. A few minutes later, she brought my food to the door, and if looks could kill, I’d have been dead on the spot.

These ladies should not be open.  It been a long time since I’ve felt so unwanted.  The food was good, but I won’t be going back there until  things go back to normal.  That was just too creepy.

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A Review: The Homeplace


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Restaurants on October 3, 2012

We’ve had the pleasure of eating at The Homeplace a couple of times now and we’ve enjoyed our meal every time.

English: Picture of fries made from sweet pota...

Sweet Potato Fries

The sweet potato fries are the best I’ve eaten in Sonora. They are tender, cooked to perfection and they are huge.  I swear a couple of them were two feet long.  That’s unrealistic, but I’d guess maybe 8 inches, anyway. That’s a pretty good size fry.  I’ve eaten at some places around town, where all the fries are 3 inches max.  These sweet potato fries left me dreaming about more, and our next visit.

Their ribeye steak is awesome. Juicy, tender, melt in your mouth – delicious, but you can only get it after 5 pm. Which shouldn’t be a problem, but we always seem to get there about 3:00 – too early for dinner, too late for lunch. So, keep that in mind if you fall in love with this ribeye steak!

My husband just loves their club sandwich and their burgers weren’t bad either. The choice of buns was limited and they lean more towards a deli with their sandwich menu. The sandwich menu is extensive and they do them up right.

The only problem we had was, as their website states: “Our Food is Made to Order.  Your Patience is Appreciated.” They mean it. The part about the patience that is. The staff has one speed – slow. If you are in a hurry, pass The Homeplace by. You’ll only leave frustrated.  However, if you are looking for a place to catch up with friends and have an hour or so to spend. This is the place.

The atmosphere is homey with about three booths and five tables, so don’t bring the whole gang, but it’s nice for a group of four or five to sit, relax, talk about old times and dine on scrumptious food.

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