Finally, Sunshine!


Posted by Annie in Opinion on June 7, 2011

Twain Harte Lake

Who can believe it but today, finally — the sun is shining here in Twain Harte, the air feels fresh and clean.

It’s 62° outside, so I wouldn’t go so far as to call it warm out but it feels nice. There is still time to get outside for an hour or two. Why not take a short walk. Let the sunshine warm your bones.

Bring your jacket and some sturdy shoes, as things are still a little wet outside and if you pay attention, while you walk, you won’t be able to help finding things to explore just off the beaten path.

The birds are loving the warmer weather. I caught a couple of hummingbirds playing a game of tag earlier. They looked so happy, I was sorry I had disturbed them. I plan to start an online scrapbook, with pictures of all the birds I find (with labels of course). I keep forgetting their names. [Learn more about hummingbirds.]

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High Pollen Count


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Opinion, Outdoors on May 22, 2011

Today, turned out to be very pleasant, which was a complete surprise to me. Early in the day it really felt like it was going to rain earlier than expected. Then the sun came out it warmed slightly but the winds were blowing, needless to say, it wasn’t all that warm.

We are expecting some rain tomorrow and while rain isn’t my favorite thing. We can take solace in know that the rain will help keep the pollen count down. Normally, this time of year everything turns yellow from the heavy pollen in the air. This year hasn’t been nearly as bad as usual. If we continue to get scattered rain showers this month, it will be a blessing in disguise for allergy sufferers.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, do consider talking to your local alternative care practitioner. I know several in the area who offer successful allergy management techniques, without the use of injections, inhalers and the like. Natural therapies can be very effective in treating many ailments that stump the allopathic medical community. Not all bodies are created equal. If what you are currently doing, isn’t working for you — try something new. I’m certainly glad I sought alternative care.

It’s currently 46 degrees in Twain Harte. Have a lovely morning.

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Worst Winter in 20-years


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on May 13, 2011

I haven’t written in a few weeks because we’ve been busy getting the yard ready for summer; cleaning up the slash, blowing the driveway, putting up the canopy and all that goes with it. It looks as though we may have jumped the gun.

We were so tired of the snow and rain that the past couple weeks have been just wonderful (for the most part). Well, there was that day last week when it rained, hailed, snowed, then rained again. We are expecting a storm to roll in Sunday night, with several inches of snow falling, down to 2500 feet level — that’s amost to Sonora.

All I can do it shake my head in total amazement every time I think about it. Old-timers all say this is the worst winter they’ve seen in 20-years. I may have even heard someone say in 40, but I won’t swear to it.

Anyone planning to take a rafting trip should be cautious in selecting the trip to match their skill level, due to the vast amounts of snow, which fell over the winter months. The rapids will be huge this year, once the snow starts melting — flowing fast and furious. An inexperienced rafter could easily find themselves in trouble.

The folks at Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions can help steer you to the right rafting trip to ensure plenty of thrills, without a trip that ends in tragedy. Their guides are top-notch.

I’ve also been a more than a little frustrated. My husband and I tend to be very frugal people. We like to keep a wish list, then shop around (often for as long as a year or more) to find just the right item at just the right price.

When Orchard Supply Hardward (OSH) had a 50% sale on their solar lights — selling for just $1.00 each — we bought 10 of them. I needed the lights for the edge of the driveway, so that I don’t accidentally drive over the edge. I am simply terrified of wrecking our car by driving off of it (it’s a Twain Harte driveway, folks, anyone here knows the potential danger of that). I positioned one light on either side of the driveway and one at the end in front of this huge rock that would do a number on the bumper if I ran into it.

Wouldn’t you know it? Someone stole all 3 of them. Heck, if they were that desperate for the lights, all they had to do was ask. I would have given them a light or two. I guess I can just stay home at night — I never really need to leave the house after dark.

I wanted to plant some flowers there and do some other work near the road but why should I even bother, just so someone can come along and help themselves to what doesn’t belong to them?

Just the week before someone had removed the dark green plastic hood for something that belongs to the telephone company. (Maybe it’s a junction box or a routing station, I’m not really sure.)  Two mornings in a row I picked it up out of my yard where it had been thrown. After the second time, I called the telephone company. Now, I’m worried someone is messing with the telephone lines in our neighborhood. We have enough trouble with power outages and cell phone outages, the last thing we need is problems with our home phone.

So, it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks. I’m worried we are going to get a bad snowstorm and it’s going to ruin our canopy. It took several hours to put together and I just don’t have the heart to take it apart again – only to put it back together when the weather decides to cooperate. All I can do at this point is pray for clear weather.

Have you been outside this week? I’ve been noticing lots and lots of furry catapillars climbing around on the deck rails. They could be looking for a nice place to shed their woolie coats and begin their transformation. I’m terribly excited. I’ve been watching for changes daily.

That’s all for now. Stay warm and dry!

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