Kittens Free to Good Home


Posted by Annie in Family Fun on June 18, 2012

Russian Blue (part) Kittens free to good homes.

I have 3 kittens – Part Russian Blue, very loving, 2 black and 1 gray. They will be 8 weeks old July 1 and looking for new homes. If anyone wants the mother, I think I’m going to find her a new home too. She is a wonderful cat, but she’s mean to our dogs, since the kittens came. I’m hoping she goes back to normal but it’s not looking good. She’s a great mom.

I wish I could keep them all but with two dogs and five cats, that is out of the question.  Kittens can be viewed at: See Kittens

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Ticks a problem


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors on March 6, 2012

With this warmer weather comes fleas and ticks.

English: Deer ticks 3 species

Deer ticks

It’s trying really hard to snow right now, in fact it was coming down pretty hard only this morning. There is no telling how much snow we will end up with. Some how, I don’t think it will be enough.

We’ve picked three ticks off our dogs in the past couple of weeks. We used a powder on the yard and a liquid to help alleviate the problem. Then we took the puppies to the vet for some Frontline. I really hate to use that stuff, but the ticks are so bad this year, I don’t know what else to do.

Wherever there are deer, you will find deer ticks. I feel so sorry for the deer. I just wish the ticks would pick somewhere else. Anywhere else. Every single one has been on their face, which makes it kind of difficult to detach. If you haven’t picked up some Frontline, don’t wait. Ticks are nothing to mess with and they can spread disease.

It’s 35° now and it’s going to be a chilly day. I’d be surprised if it gets much above 45°. The sun is out but I don’t think it’s done snowing. If anything happens I’ll let you know.

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