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It’s hard to believe another year has gone by.  Lots of changes were made by our family this past year.  If you haven’t made the trip up to Twain Harte yet, it’s beautiful.  You will need a warm to light jacket in the daytime, but be sure to bring things to bundle up in at night.  It gets cold!

food porn

food porn

Nearly all the snow has melted though I’m sure you will find some up the mountain.

Exciting news: the Twain Harte Kitchen Store, The Harte of the Kitchen, is moving across the street to a larger spot.  Nature’s Nook has gone out of business.  It makes you wonder why they undertook the big remodel last year.

We’ve been educating ourselves about the sorry state of our nations food supply.  This past year, we have slowly been opting out of mainstream foods.  We joined a food co-op that is fantastic.  It not only saves us money but has the most unusual items available. They still offer everyday items, of course.  The hard part is giving up “my brands” and switching to organic duplicates of what we were already buying.  So far, we haven’t found many that we didn’t like.

We knew we would be healthier for the change but we had no idea that we would also be less hungry, drastically reducing our food intake.  I can afford to buy organic because we are eating so much less. We haven’t been sick either.  It’s simply amazing.

A test kitchen is a kitchen used for the proce...

A test kitchen is a kitchen used for the process of developing new kinds of food.

We still stop at an occasional fast food restaurant but not nearly as much as we used to.  There is one drawback though.  The more real food we eat, the more the we find that GMO’s make us sick.  Stomach cramps and the whole nine yards.  I think our bodies are trying to tell us something.  I plan to listen.

We’ve stopped eating fish, which is so difficult.  I love seafood of almost any kind.  But it’s contaminated now.

Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed

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