Finally, Sunshine!


Posted by Annie in Opinion on June 7, 2011

Twain Harte Lake

Who can believe it but today, finally — the sun is shining here in Twain Harte, the air feels fresh and clean.

It’s 62° outside, so I wouldn’t go so far as to call it warm out but it feels nice. There is still time to get outside for an hour or two. Why not take a short walk. Let the sunshine warm your bones.

Bring your jacket and some sturdy shoes, as things are still a little wet outside and if you pay attention, while you walk, you won’t be able to help finding things to explore just off the beaten path.

The birds are loving the warmer weather. I caught a couple of hummingbirds playing a game of tag earlier. They looked so happy, I was sorry I had disturbed them. I plan to start an online scrapbook, with pictures of all the birds I find (with labels of course). I keep forgetting their names. [Learn more about hummingbirds.]

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Squirrel Complains, Loudly


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Opinion, Outdoors on April 27, 2011

I just stepped outside for a few moments and was immediately assaulted by some very loud barking noises. I quietly closed the door and walked softly out on the deck a bit further. The sun was shining brightly, in my eyes of course, so I shielded them, until I could just make out the squirrel sitting up high on a pine tree branch, barking for all he was worth.

Squirrels actually have a wide range of noises and aside from the chorus of birds heard in the wee hours of morning, the squirrel is by far the loudest animal to visit. They romp around all day, getting into anything and everything. We finally broke down and attached hook latches to the roof of the bird feeder because the squirrels wouldn’t stay out of it. They would just remove the roof and help themselves.

He was making one heck of a racket about something. It was as if he was telling me how much he hated having Sandy, the cat, in his space, as the cat gently rubbed up against my legs. It was then the squirrel made it quite plain what he was upset about and I’m still not quite sure how he managed that.  We had a little chat, I let the cat back into the house and the squirrel went along his merry way, happy that she wasn’t on his deck.

Three deer dropped by this morning to give their regards. I tossed out a handful of carrots for them, which they greedily munched down without hesitation. They nibbled on some bird seed that had been scattered on the ground, then meandered on to where ever deer go when they aren’t here. It’s always nice to have them stop by for a visit.

One of the young does who stopped by, idled long enough to notice the hummingbird as it swooped in to sip a little nectar. Did I just imagine the deer admiring the hummingbird’s grace and beauty? Animals are so amazing; would that I had all day long to sit and ponder their being.

I can’t tell you just how refreshing it feels to get outside and soak up the sun and visit with the animals. They listen as I chatter on about the weather and I’m always careful to thank them for their visit. It’s always nice to have a little company drop by.

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