Fall deer update; rim fire


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Organic, Outdoors, Twain Harte News on September 17, 2013

Have you ever had one of those days that is absolutely perfect?  The smoke has cleared tremendously and the weather is cool, just right at 66°F.  The Fire Information truck was making the rounds dropping off maps and an information sheet. While this doesn’t give all the information I would want, there are phone numbers to call for more details.

Red-dyed line of fire retardant stands out cle...

Red-dyed line of fire retardant stands out clearly on this Arizona hill. Drop was against the Alambre Fire.

We are all so thankful to the firefighters for working so hard save our homes and businesses.  However, that doesn’t mean all the residents are happy with the forest service, their policies and the other personnel working the fire.  There were a great number of concerns brought up at the last meeting.  The people running the meeting tried to provide answers, but there were a lot of questions remaining.

I was very happy that one lady brought up the fire retardant.  This is our forest – we live here – and we should know what chemicals are being used, what they are comprised of and any long-term effects of it’s use.  Yes, I realize it’s a trade-off, using chemicals to protect homes and such, but is it worth it to save a few homes if the chemicals used leech into our ground water and poison all of us – even those as far away as the bay area who use our water?  I’d rather be homeless than have our water polluted. At any rate, we should be making informed decisions about it, instead of having this conversation when it’s too late to make a difference.

But how many of us knew there was such a thing as fire retardant that could be used on such a massive scale?  I have never heard of it.

Now is a perfect time to come visit if you’ve been waiting for the smoke to clear. The crowds have gone home. It’s “sweater weather,” that’s for sure.  Bring a jacket to be on the safe side.  Jeans are back in style, unless you’re staying in Sonora.

I’ve been doing some canning, I highly recommend it.  It feels good putting up your own fruits, vegetables, even meat.  I canned some pinto beans which will be used for homemade refried beans, and I canned bread and butter pickles.  They could have been a little thicker, but otherwise they were good.

English: Deer Mtn. Fire

Deer Mtn. Fire

Yesterday, I had a surprise, as I was feeding the chickens some lettuce here comes ten deer into the yard, all at once. It was more than a little unnerving. Did you know deer love lettuce?  I have to plan feeding the chickens around the deer visits.  Deer are smart and they hide, laying in wait for something they want.  Droves will show up as soon as I get the lettuce out.

This morning around three a.m., two huge bucks came by, a 12 point and an 8 point buck.  They were an amazing sight to behold.  They had been scraping their horns and the horns were really rugged and marked up.  I had never seen these deer before.  We have a group of three bucks that come through a couple times a week.  There is a group of young females all with a dark coat, which means they were probably siblings. They are each pretty large.

I’m not seeing a lot of young bucks right now, but it could turn out that some of those “does” are actually bucks.  One never knows.

Please respond with your questions or comments.  What do you think about the fire retardants?  Should they be used?

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Firefighter Fiasco


Posted by Annie in Opinion on May 12, 2012

I have one question: Whose bright idea was it to hold a fundraiser in East Sonora — on a FRIDAY?

Sonora, CA

Sonora, CA

Put Your Money Where The Boot Is

May 12, 2012 06:00 pm
Tracey Peterson, MML News Reporter

Sonora, CA — If you saw a bunch of firefighters at the Junction Shopping Center Friday, don’t worry they weren’t trying to put out flames. Instead they were asking for you to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

We were in that traffic mess — thank you, firemen.

What the MyMotherLode story doesn’t say is that around 25 firefighters were crawling all over the entrance to the Junction Shopping Center on Friday – from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m…but get this, not only were the firefighters in the middle of the street, but they turned off the traffic lights. They raised $8,500 for charity by risking the lives of not only the firemen, but the drivers themselves.

There is a reason those lights were installed: because they were needed. Someone should get their head out of their arse and think about possible consequenses of their actions – before someone gets hurt. You would think firefighters would know better. Shame on you.

The worst of this isn’t even that lives were put in jeapordy for this charity, but that due to the way this was done – through the use of intervention tactics at a busy intersection on a holiday weekend – the next time most of the people who were stuck in this traffic jam think of the Muscular Dystrophe Association, their first thought will not be about making donations. This is a perfect example of how the ends do not justify the means — and pushing for those ends by abusing the system may have a short term benefit, but will ultimately harm your goal.

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