Our kids and GMO’s


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Organic on September 27, 2013

The kids in Sonora, Twain Harte, and Soulsbyville schools are eating GMO’s everyday in their lunch.  We might as well be giving them poison.  I think this needs to change. Our kids should be eating the very best foods we can give them.  They are our future. We are throwing away our future.

March Against Monsanto - October 12, 2013

March Against Monsanto – October 12, 2013

Get informed about GMO’s. Yes, it’s hard to live a totally GMO-free diet, but little by little we are making the change.  You can, too.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Heck, with as much as the typical person has in their fridge and freezer, it simply can’t happen overnight. You can start by calling and asking if the foods you currently eat contain GMO’s.  Every week I personally call two or three companies…who has time for this?  But someone has to do it.

I’ve got a small list growing every week and more to add. We have a right to know.  I call them on the phone, Facebook them, e-mail them, and/or write them a letter, then I share the information with you.  Here’s my list (updated regularly). Our family is committed to living a non-GMO lifestyle.

I think back to the way my grandmother did things and I try to do the same.  Surprisingly she was doing things right all along, but don’t expect to hear that from the experts.  They want you sick.  Since eating a partially GMO-free diet, we haven’t been sick at all.  My son used to get sick every two or three months.  I can’t recall any of us being under the  weather at all this year.

I can assure you, if you spend the money to buy grass-fed beef, it’s worth it.  I’m finding we aren’t as hungry as we used to be.  We eat less and the grass-fed — you can really taste the difference.  I can tell the garbage from the good stuff.  I’m loving it. While it costs more, you won’t need as much to be sated. Even four ounces of this stuff will be enough.  At least try it once.

There are sales out there, and this is the time of year when the prices are low.  Did you know some stores put meat on sale in the evening hours after 6 or 7 p.m. they mark down the stuff that hasn’t sold.  If they don’t sell it, they have to either freeze it or throw it out.  I don’t know why the schools or community organizations don’t make an agreement with the stores to get the stuff before it has to be thrown out, but that’s a topic for another day.

We all get used to shopping at the same stores.  You can’t shop them all but you should try the markets in your area.  Some will carry local produce: buy them, they may save you money, they may not.  But it’s a good idea to check, because more and more stores are carrying organic these days. Get to know the people in your neighborhood, join a local co-op, start a garden, share with your neighbors.  Now is the time to prepare because the days ahead are grim and we weren’t all born rich.

Some days I sit and wonder what we will do, but then I stop, remember to take it one day at a time and continue to prepare for hard times ahead.

Please join the March Against Monsanto in your town, on October 12. Come join us in Sonora

Join GMO Free California

Join Beginning Organic (Non-GMO)

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Rim Fire: No News?


Posted by Annie in Twain Harte News on August 27, 2013

The smoke is so thick you can cut it will a knife.  Makes it hard to breath and literally to catch a breath.  If you don’t have air conditioning and you can’t get out of the smoke, wet a rag and tie it around your face, it will allow you to breath without getting the ash particles in your lungs.  Drink lots of water.

Rim Fire

Rim Fire

Reports are that 179,000 have burned, I’m still waiting for the news sites online to catch up.  It’s so frustrating that the search engines are filtering out information about the fire.  In fact, channel 10 reported they are having trouble getting access.  Just our transparent government at work again.

I live right here and I’m having trouble getting news on the Rim Fire.  They have called in the feds and FEMA is at the helm, so you can be sure to get less news, not more.  Why don’t they have regular updates on channel 8?  After all this is community news.  My Motherlode is doing an admirable job of trying to keep people informed but depending on the writer, you have to read between the lines.  One of their writers had me so upset after read one story, I was scared stiff.  It’s important to consider the source and I take everything I read at My Motherlode with a grain of salt.

Please join Twain Harte Times on Facebook for all the news on the Rim Fire.

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Sunshine in the hills


Posted by Annie in Family Fun, Twain Harte News on December 26, 2010

The day after Christmas has turned out to be a gorgeous day. I had my doubts when the snow began falling last evening around 6 p.m. or so. A good inch of Sierra Cement fell through the night — the snow is really wet. It’s no wonder since the rain and snow fell intermittently right up through morning.

Basically, what we’ve been left with is a thin 1/2″ layer of slush, which, if the sun is any indication it won’t last long. It should be a wonderful day on the slopes at Dodge Ridge, with the fresh snowfall being added to the pack.

10″ of New Snowfall, Temp in the Mid 20’s, Perfect!

Sunday, Dec. 26 – Last night brought 10″ of fresh powder combined with cold temperature in the teens. For today we’ll have low temperatures in the mid 20’s with partly sunny skies and 41 groomed runs, by all definitions its going to be an incredible day on the slopes.

Kohl’s is having a sale in Sonora. If you haven’t already, sign up to receive e-mail specials from Kohl’s. Just today I received an e-mail taunting me with 15% additional savings — even on clearance merchandise. I do love saving money and if you plan to shop Kohl’s anyway, it just makes good financial sense to save as much as you can.

I read a rumor on Facebook over the weekend that Sonora will be seeing the addition of a Petco in the near future. In this economy it’s hard to believe so many large companies are taking a chance on building in Tuolumne County, especially in light of our high unemployment rate. Does anyone else have a sense of impending doom? Let’s hope all these new businesses bring prosperity to our area.

I’ll be cooking our Christmas turkey today (or tomorrow…), since it wasn’t thawed enough to cook yesterday. It was just as well, my guys were still recovering from their wonderful dinner at Grandma’s house. Last night, I warmed up some clam chowder and served it in my own homemade sour dough bread bowl — the results were appetizing.

We spent a nice quiet Christmas day at home as a family. It was refreshing. Did you celebrate Christmas at home at family or friends? Was it everything you hoped for?

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