Agenda 21 in Twain Harte?


Posted by Annie in gardening, Opinion, Political, Twain Harte News on April 20, 2015

What’s going to happen to Twain Harte, my beloved little mountain town?  That depends on what you decide to do about it.

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Twain Harte, California

I know many of you think I’m crazy by now, but I’m going to tell it like it is. We have been undergoing a weather-modification experiment. Our government, the Air Force and the globalists have been intentionally causing this drought. Those neat lines in the sky are chemical payloads that have been raining down on us, made up of mostly aluminum and barium with a few other things mixed in for good measure.

It’s killing off parts of trees and plants. Look around the mountain and you’ll find plenty of evidence. Heck, when we got our “snow” storm a couple weeks ago I tried to melt the snow.  I brought a bucket inside, it took hours for it to melt (even though it was 70 degrees inside), when it was almost done you could see floating on top of the water some cotton looking substance that dissolved when disturbed.

Very strange indeed.  I even tried melting it with a lighter. It just got black and tried to burn. Not a drop of water squeezed out of that snow.

Why on earth would they be doing this?

Why Agenda 21 of course.

They want to make this area a “wildlife corridor” and not allow people up on the mountain anymore. If they make it so you can’t grow anything in California and there isn’t any water, we will be forced to leave.  The UN is already talking about relocating people from California to another state.  You can’t make this stuff up.

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Water: Common Sense


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Twain Harte News on August 31, 2014

California has a water problem and it’s not getting better.  Official are just now beginning to realize just how enormous the problem is.

“A new study on the subject explains that there is such a significant backlog in water allocation data that state water regulators and local water managers are stumped as to where water use needs to be further restricted, and where it might need to be loosened. Despite the fact that more than 60 percent of the state is currently suffering through “exceptional” drought conditions, the most severe level, some freshwater is still reaching the ocean, for instance, which means it is being wasted.


“If they don’t know how much water is being used, they’ll have to use a pretty blunt instrument,” explained study author Ted Grantham to LAR.

If everyone was exercising their water rights and the full legal entitlement, we would have a lot more dry rivers than we do now,” said Grantham. “There’s a big discrepancy between how much water has been used and how much is promised.” [Read more]

The Twain Harte community has really shown a great effort in cutting our water usage. Together we have cut water usage again for around five straight months. (So, much so, that there was talk of raising our rates to make up the difference, which I don’t think is right.)  Last month we cut our own water consumption by 52%.  That’s incredible.


What I want to know is what are people in the rest of the state doing?  Have you been watching news of the drought?  The people in the state of California simply don’t take the water crisis seriously.  And let me tell you, it is a crisis and if we don’t nip this problem in the bud right now we will have a catastrophe to deal with.

We all must pitch in and save water where we can. Forbes even published an article entitled Think The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Stupid? You’re Wrong.

I think the author of this piece is arrogant and while Matthew Herper might be well-intentioned trying to educate people about ALS, he is wrong.  This is a horrible waste and misuse of our water.  Stupid? Oh, yeah.  It’s just hastening our own demise.  Look around: water levels are dwindling fast! We need to protect every precious drop and use it wisely.  This isn’t a ploy, it’s fact.  Unless we want to wake up one morning and find the taps have gone dry or equally as bad, water not fit to drink.

At least some people are thinking, I just found this:

Now some of these people take the challenge on grassy areas, which could benefit plants. Others took it to the next level to make sure no water was wasted. Songwriter Carole King, for example, stood in a creek and dumped a bucket of ice and stream water over her head so it would go straight back into its natural environment.

So, I guess it can be done responsibly, that’s all I ask.  But don’t say you weren’t warned that dumping a bucket of ice cold water on your head can lead to a heart attack under the right conditions.

The water crisis is real. But the good news is we can all make a difference. I challenge everyone to cut your water usage by 50%.  It actually wasn’t that hard and the only thing I mind is showering with three buckets.  (grin)  Please conserve water.  How much water have you saved?

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