Columbia: Mountain People Organics


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Organic on October 4, 2014

Have you been to Mountain People Organics lately?  I don’t go all the time, but I probably go about four times a month.  In reality, it’s probably a good thing it’s not in Twain Harte or I’d spend all my spare time there.

Home made macaroni and cheese, with some dried...

Home made macaroni and cheese, with dried herbs!

Every week there is something different or new. They will have new vendors or new products.  This week they had Grass-fed Angus Ground Beef and the new cafe was a big hit.

Laura from 4 & 20 Blackbirds Bakery was in the cafe serving up dishes of two kinds of macaroni and cheese, salad in a jar, brownies, mini loaves of bread and much more. The booth stayed pretty busy through the lunch crowd and closed about 3:00 p.m.

Even though I don’t care for maple, that bread drenched in maple was really good.  The chefs are amazing, and each brings their own cooking style to the table.  You never know what you’ll end up with but two things are certain: It will be good and good for you.

I’m always amazed at the gluten-free choices these bakers come up with. The buying club even has large organic flour tortillas for $3.85! I couldn’t believe they were so cheap.  Compare the next time you visit the grocery store.  We’ve tried them and they’re fantastic. However, they are made without any preservatives so will mold pretty quickly. Buy and use them the same day.

Eye fillet of grass-fed beef.

Eye fillet of grass-fed beef.

Rawhide and Hurst Ranch have a booth with lots of grass-fed rib-eyes, bacon that is just the right thickness with non-gmo goodness, sausage that is mild and savory. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Join the buyers club.  It’s amazing how cheap I can get organic food for.  Yes, it takes a little getting used to ordering your groceries online but at least at home I can sit and listen to music instead of braving the crowds. Not everything is cheaper than conventionally grown, but it’s definitely worth the trip to come find out what’s here and at least pick up some raw milk. If I have to have milk from the store, I’ll buy the organic milk but my family prefers Organic Pastures Raw Milk. You’ve got to try it.

See all the MarketPlace Vendors. Open every Wednesday and Saturday ~  from Noon to 6 pm!

Located in Columbia, California at 10800 Airport Road, in the old National Guard Armory building next to the County Airport, now called “The Farmory.”

A quirky, new market filled up with local, organic farmers, artisans, food vendors and entrepreneurs; all with a focus on organic, sustainable, natural living.  A wonderful community gathering place. You will come to love it! Stop in at SaferPC and say hello.

This Wednesday in the Farmory Cafe we are having chicken paprikash with dinner rolls (my personal favorite), salad in a jar, hot dogs in tortillas, pasta, and meat buns.  Be sure to stop and check us out.  I’m working the booth tomorrow, be sure to stop and say hello.

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Wal-Mart Expansion Concerns Voiced


Posted by Annie in Tuolumne County on February 11, 2010

A public hearing was held Monday evening regarding Wal-Mart’s expansion plans at their Sonora location. Many who attended the hearing expressed their legitimate concerns over the impact such an expansion will have on our entire community.

Walt Cook covered the hearing for The Union Democrat.

Speakers at the Sonora Planning Commission hearing accused the Arkansas-based retailer of, among other things, killing mom-and-pop shops and smaller regional chain stores, contributing to blight and increasing the United States’ trade deficit with China.

Wal-Mart’s expansion plans for the Sonora store include keeping it open around the clock and increasing its retail space from 130,166 to 158,532 square-feet to accommodate a full-service grocery section. The local store currently sells limited groceries.

Tuolumne county has lost a great many stores, restaurants and other businesses, due to the failing economy. We should all be concerned about the future of not only Sonora businesses but others in Tuolumne county as well that could feel the effects of the planned expansion.

Since Mervyn’s and Gottschalks have gone out of business, many families are forced to either shop for apparel at Wal-Mart, shop at Ross or drive to Oakdale. If you are looking for cheap, disposable clothing, Wal-Mart is a perfect option. Some of us prefer to buy well-fitting clothing, not made by sweatshop workers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like shopping at Ross but their inventory fluctuates so widely, you can never count on finding certain items there. It’s hit or miss.

Our family has been shopping as much as possible at the Twain Harte Market, we love the selection, the people are friendly and work hard to meet the needs of their customers. The meat department is the finest to be found anywhere in the area. I am terrified that a Super-Wal-Mart store will put them out of business.

If you want to be able to decide where to shop and not be limited to Wal-Mart’s low cost, low quality, low selection — just stay home. If you are concerned about the challenges facing our community, please attend the next hearing and voice your own concerns.

Once the Wal-Mart expansion is complete, there is no going back. It will impact many businesses in Tuolumne County.

Find more information…

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