Happy New Year…


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Twain Harte News on January 2, 2019

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.  We had a few people out shooting their guns, some people complained. I don’t think anyone got hurt.  We have a strange mix of people up here: you have ultra-liberals, who I don’t understand, but I’m trying, and we have just as many ultra-conservative and not much in between.

Regardless of your political disposition, we need to listen to each other and try to hear what the other side is saying. Be prepared to change your mind, if warranted.  I have a friend I like to spar with.  His thinking is so totally opposite mine, but I find we have a great deal in common. It’s not easy, but I’ve learned to smile and nod.  

We live in a small community, so lets keep it small and personal.  I like that my mailman knows who I am.  I’m more than a house number. 

I leave you with something to think about…

Twain Harte “Snow” and “Ice”


Posted by Annie in Activities, Family Fun, Field Trip Idea on March 4, 2018

It appears that I haven’t posted for a complete year in Twain Harte Times.  For that I apologize, I’ve been spending most of my time on Facebook. That will not longer be the case.

The Fall is my favorite time of year, with Winter a close second.  I really hate Summer, I’m just not able to handle those hot temperatures any more and it gets hotter every year here in Twain Harte.  I watch the temperature religiously checking in probably 50 times a day.

I used to love the snow, I’d get up at 4 or 5 a.m. just to take pictures of the snow before anyone soiled it with footprints or tire tracks some days.  Oh, how I loved to traipse around in the snow. It was exhilarating.  Now, I just get angry and try not to go out in it at all. 

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Earth Day Restoration And Cleanup


Posted by Annie in Family Fun on April 10, 2017

Earth Day is coming up very quickly.  If you haven’t made plans to participate, please consider volunteering:


Earth Day 2017 provides an opportunity for all of us to do something meaningful for our planet by giving back to the state parks in our communities. Thousands of volunteers will be needed throughout California to assist with projects such as campfire center improvements, habitat restoration, native garden conservation, fence building, trail maintenance and beach cleanup.

We encourage you to join us on this important occasion, to do your part to restore and care for the places where we live, work, and play for this and future generations.

Over the past 18 years, 83,785 participants have built bridges, split rail fences and boardwalks, conducted river, lake and beach cleanups, restored trails and habitats with native plants, and installed recycling bins and irrigation systems. These accomplishments would not be possible without the support of our members, park users, dedicated community volunteers and our corporate sponsors, whose generous contributions provide the funding and in-kind support needed to achieve the program’s goals.