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Mount Knight Fire Update

Sonora, CA -- The vegetation fire in the Mount Knight area of the Stanislaus National Forest is estimated to be 150-200 acres.

Forest Service Spokesperson Pat Kaunert says it is burning in the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River Canyon. It currently poses a threat to the Mount Knight subdivision which has a number of summer cabins.

Travel through Time: The History of Sonora Pass

Mountain passes in the 19th Century from Nevada Territory into California were fraught with difficulty.

The Sierra Nevada Mountain range stood as an obstacle for both emigrants coming west and for merchants in California hoping to expand business opportunities on the eastern slopes of the Sierra and the emerging markets in Nevada.

Spike in Bear Encounters at Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, CA - As many as five-hundred bears roam the wilderness of Yosemite National Park, but this year more bears are searching for food in the park's developed areas. With video report.

Yosemite's natural beauty will take your breath away, but what could put you in the middle of a traffic jam of camera- toting tourists on this national park highway: A mother bear -- and her two adorable cubs -- having a late afternoon snack of grass and grubs in a meadow.

Action Alert - Help Draft Yosemite Plan 3.0

The Merced River is now the tool being used to manage Yosemite's biggest threat, the hordes of people in Yosemite Valley.

Twelve years after a flood wiped out campgrounds and rerouted the river, it's back to the drawing board to draft a plan for the river -- and thus Yosemite Valley. Yellowstone has snowmobiles for its political hot potato; Yosemite has something far more basic, people.

Tourists Continue To Trek To Yosemite, Despite Fires

This past holiday weekend was one of the busiest for Yosemite National Park. Visitors who braved the big crowds had to put up with more than just traffic and long lines, but smoke as well.

The smokey sight greeted tourists as they entered the gates to Yosemite; however many weren't aware that two fires were burning in the park over the weekend. The Grouse Fire has burned 2,300 acres and is 50% contained. The Harden Fire has charred 1,600 acres and is 75% contained.

Yosemite National Park Current Fire Acitvity Update

While thousands of visitors came to experience the beauty of Yosemite National Park on July 4, fire personnel continued to manage the Grouse and Harden fires in the Park.

The Grouse Fire is located three miles southwest of Yosemite Valley and north of Glacier Point Road. The Grouse Fire is 2,300 acres and 50 percent contained. The Harden Fire on the north side of the park, west of Harden Lake and northwest of White Wolf is currently 1,594 acres and 75 percent contained...

Firefighters at the Ready

Vegetation fires broke out last Saturday, June 27th, in Twain Harte, Groveland and Tuttletown. On Sunday, fires erupted in Jamestown and in Calaveras County's town of Milton. No structures were burned and the fires were quickly contained.

Twain Harte Fire Chief Ernie McCoy has 15 firefighters and a firehouse full of equipment at the ready. He is especially proud of the newest piece of equipment, a state-of-the-art fire truck with multiple applications for fighting fires involving both ordinary combustibles and hydrocarbon fuels including gas and diesel.

Cabin in the woods

Unique getaways tend to be off the beaten path, and take a little extra effort to find. Such is the case with the Lazy Z Resort, a place well-known by the families visiting the resort since it opened in the 1940s but not such a household name for most.

The Lazy Z is in the Sierra Nevada foothills - Mark Twain country - where, interestingly enough, a small town was named after a couple of well-known writers: Twain and Brett Harte. The town is called Twain Harte and it's a quiet little berg hidden among the trees northeast of historic Sonora.

Lodge back in business; Kennedy Meadows rebuilt after fire

Early on the morning of Oct. 1, 2007, the iconic Kennedy Meadows Lodge was reduced to a pile of ashes. Built in 1941, it was the centerpiece of the Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station.

Thankfully, the fire wasn't the end of the story for Kennedy Meadows. Almost miraculously, the Bloom family managed to rebuild and have the new lodge open and running again last summer. Kennedy Meadows is back in business and better than ever!

Votes really do count!

I love the way the Left falls back on cliches when it detects the spirit of democracy is raising its powerful head. You've heard it: "They're like peasants at the gates with pitchforks!"

Usually, the protesting citizens are adults who know the civic ropes, but in rural northern California, the protesters were high school kids. They were angry with an abusive school superintendent and school board and decided to make changes.

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