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Accelerating Into Total Collapse, The Consequences Of Denial And Inaction - Accelerating Into Total Collapse, The Consequences Of Denial And Inaction

The propensity of the human race to deny unpleasant and frightening realities until the last possible moment is truly profound. The power structure (and the mainstream media they control) are using every imaginable means at their disposal.

The current facade is disintegrating on every front and even now the vast majority are completely oblivious to what is unfolding. As the horizon grows ever darker, we must all examine our priorities. What can we yet accomplish at this late hour that would have the most impact toward the greater good?

Calaveras County still sowing seeds of kindness 20 years later;

More than two decades ago, Jim Bergantz read a book - a series of short vignettes of people doing extraordinary acts of kindness for one another. It inspired him.

The lifelong Calaveras County resident said he wanted to do something to encourage such acts in his hometown, things as simple as a smile to a stranger or allowing someone to step ahead in line at a grocery store. He began handing out thousands of roses by the dozen from a nursery he owned in Angels Camp with one catch. The recipient could keep one, but distribute the rest to others.

What to do with the kids?

It's January, the weather sucks.  I haven't seen a blue sky for days, must remember to take extra Vitamin D.  The kids are home, they are bore...

We used to go to the zoo the first Monday of the month, when they offered free admittance. We would pack a lunch, take our books and put everything in a wagon. The kids were free to explore, we even had walkie talkies for each of them. It was really fun.

Sunshine and cold in Twain Harte

It actually got down to 21 degrees last night. It rarely gets below 25 degrees in Twain Harte, when it gets down this low, it reminds me of living in Mi...

Be sure to check those water pipes. It's 37 degrees now, but it won't get much warmer today. The chicken's water froze over on the top and they weren't really interesting in coming outside. Go figure!

Tuolumne County board to weigh evolving medical marijuana issue

A notable shift has occurred in recent months when it comes to the conversation about medical marijuana in Tuolumne County.

The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday to consider approving an ordinance that for the first time ever would allow qualified patients and caregivers to legally grow a certain amount of marijuana plants on their properties in the unincorporated area. "This whole transition is moving cannabis and people in the cannabis industry from the shadows and into the light," said Kira Tucker, of Tuolumne Cannabis Advocates, a pro-marijuana group that has 352 members on Facebook.

New Science Study Comes Closer To Disclosing The Catastrophic Health And Environmental Consequences Of Climate Engineering - New Science Study Comes Closer To Disclosing The Catastrophic Health And Environmental Consequences Of Climate Engineering

The walls of the power structure are beginning to buckle, those that have served the power brokers are beginning to respond to their own instinct of self survival.

Climate engineering is weather warfare, nothing less. The highly toxic materials being used in the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying programs all settle down through the air column, this makes geoengineering a form of biological warfare as well. Unimaginable and irreparable decimation is being inflicted on the biosphere and the entire web of life by the ongoing climate modification SRM programs. How long can the insanity in our skies continue without the consequences to the Earth and the human race becoming total?

Contest seeks top wildlife photos

Photographers can enter pictures of Central Valley or Sierra Nevada wildlife in an annual contest sponsored by a Twain Harte-based group.

The Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center will award $150 for first place, $100 for second and $50 for third. Shooters 18 or younger can compete for another $100 prize.

The Real Purpose of Chemtrails

Chemtrails have been sprayed for at least 15 years and now we know what they are doing it for.

There has been more speculation about the purpose of these "streaks in the sky" than any other apparent phenomenon. And the "mis-information" minions have been hard at work to convince the public of chemtrails just being a fabrication of conspiracy theorists.

Harris gets six years in prison for Twain Harte bank robbery

One of two defendants accused of robbing Umpqua Bank in Twain Harte in July 2015 was sentenced Tuesday in Tuolumne County Court to six years in state prison. Daveon "Dae Dae" Marquel Harris, 19, originally of Vacaville, was arrested Aug. 6, 2015.

He pleaded guilty Dec. 14, 2015 to one count of second-degree robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit a crime, according to the Tuolumne County District Attorney's Office. Handcuffed and dressed in a striped jumpsuit, Harris frequently looked around the Dept. 1 courtroom throughout Tuesday's hearing, occasionally swaying in his seat.

Bill would ban campus smoking, vaping in California

Colleges students across California would need to stub out their cigarettes and ditch their vape pens under a bill before the Legislature.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, wants to make California's public college campuses smoke-free zones. His Assembly Bill 1594 would ban both traditional cigarettes and vaping on the grounds of California State University and community college schools. While the University of California has had a blanket prohibition on both smoking and vaping since 2014, individual community colleges and CSU schools set their own smoking policies. Six of the 23 CSU schools currently ban smoking, and a system-wide proposal is in the works. Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article53740105.html#storylink=cpy

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