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First US Lab Examines "Vaccine" Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

Dr Madej describes what appeared to be self-assembling synthetic biology and these horrific, seemingly sentient microscopic tentacled organisms and brilliant colors emanating from some of these graphene-like structures.

"First, it looked just translucent and then, as time went on, over two hours, colors appeared, which, I'd never seen anything like this. There wasn't a chemical reaction happening. It was like a brilliant blue and a royal purple, a yellow and sometimes green. These colors appearing, I did not know what that was. After investigating more, a superconducting material can do that with white light emitted to it. A superconducting material would be something like an injectable computing system. Anyhow, these fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the fibers had a cube structure on them...and also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I'm used to seeing. They were exotic. They're very opaque..."

Two More California Cities Preparing To Ban Flavored Tobacco and Vape Products

After San Francisco banned adults from purchasing flavored tobacco and vaping products in 2018, a funny thing happened. Teen smoking rates increased. Now, two other major California cities are considering similar bans.

Like San Francisco's, the proposed measures in Los Angeles and San Jose are backed by vocal advocates who argue that candy- and fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes and tobacco products (which minors are already prohibited from legally purchasing) are tempting kids to get addicted to nicotine. "The tobacco industry continues to lure kids with flavored products, and today's young people are the next generation of smokers," John Maa, a board member of the American Heart Association, told the San José Spotlight in June, when the ban was first brought before the city council.

Jury Trials To Begin Again In Tuolumne County Next Week

Sonora, CA - As jury trials are set to begin again in Tuolumne County, the court relays what that will mean for those already summoned during the COVID-19 shutdown and changes to accommodate social distancing.

Criminal jury trials will resume on Wednesday, June 17th while misdemeanor jury trials are scheduled to begin Monday, June 22nd. Due to the large potential jury pools need for criminal trials, and the courthouse's lack of social distancing space, the Tribal Building (formerly the John Muir building) at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds will be used.

Tuolumne County delays budget approval

A public hearing for the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors to approve the 2020-21 fiscal year budget originally scheduled for Tuesday has been delayed because county officials need more time.

The board will instead consider several other budget-related items on Tuesday that include amendments to contracts with other counties increasing the rates for housing youth at the Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility, as well as amendments to employee labor agreements that include salary reductions and other concessions from top county officials.

Local women plan second peaceful protest in Sonora against racial injustice

Another peaceful protest is planned to be held Sunday at Courthouse Square in downtown Sonora to further the growing movement against systemic racism in the United States.

The event is scheduled to begin at noon on Sunday and is being promoted by a pair of local women who say they want to keep the issue at the forefront as similar demonstrations continue to take place throughout the country.

Hiker Rescued After Falling Down Steep Ravine In Columbia Area

Columbia, CA - A rescued hiker from Atwater, shown in the image box video, expressed how thankful she was to be rescued after falling several hundred feet down a steep ravine in the Columbia area.

A call came into dispatch around 8:30 p.m. Monday night after a man from Modesto who was hiking with the woman near a river along Italian Bar Road took off to get help. He was able to find other hikers with a phone who called 911. It took Tuolumne County Sheriff's Search & Rescue team (TCSAR) about three hours to reach the women and hoist her to safety. Sheriff's spokesperson Nicco Sandelin explains how the ordeal began, "They were hiking, and the terrain was loose. She took a step and due to the loose terrain, her foot slipped out from underneath her causing her to slide down the hillside. It was rough terrain covered with brush and rocks."

Twain Harte Community Services Shares Latest Actions

Twain Harte, CA - A local community services district is foregoing tax assessment rate increases to help customers weather economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Twain Harte Community Services District (THCSD) Board of Directors at its May meeting voted to make the decision not to apply those increases in the upcoming fiscal year for fire and emergency services. District officials say in 2002 and again in 2011, the Twain Harte community voted to pass special benefit assessments to improve fire protection and emergency services, which supplement the small portion of property tax revenue THCSD receives to provide the services. To ensure the assessments would cover continually increasing costs over time, the community also approved an allowance for annual inflation adjustments up to 4 percent based on the local inflation index.

More roads open in the Stanislaus National Forest

More high-elevation roads in the Stanislaus National Forest are open as snowpack continues melting off, and five seasonal roads are going to remain closed through June 30.

The five roads that will remain closed are Slick Rock 4WD Trail, also known as Forest Road 7Nl7 near Lake Alpine reservoir off Highway 4; Gooseberry Road, also known as Forest Road 4N34, near Dodge Ridge and Crabtree; Forest Road 4N47, which provides access to Gianelli Trailhead east of Pinecrest; part of Herring Creek Road, also known as Forest Road 4Nl2, east of Strawberry; and part of Eagle Meadow Road, also known as Forest Road 5N01, east of Herring Creek and south of Highway 108.

Moderna's Guinea Pig ... "Sickest in His Life" after Being Injected with Experimental Vaccine

Less than 12 hours after vaccination with Moderna's experimental COVIDE-19 vaccine, Ian Hayden was the sickest he'd ever been in his life. Moderna let him believe the illness was just a sad coincidence unrelated to the jab...

You know Ian Haydon from many appearances on CNN and other networks celebrating his heroic act of volunteering to test Moderna's experimental COVID vaccine. The sun has now set on Haydon's television career. He is no longer useful to the Pharmedia narratives that all vaccines are always safe for all people, that Moderna's business partners, Tony Fauci and Bill Gates, were justified in skipping animal studies and that Moderna's vaccine will soon rescue us from the Pandemic. Ian Haydon is now an embarrassment to Fauci, Gates, and their CNN cheerleaders. He will therefore vanish into the censorship twilight.

Taco Bell and Social Distancing

I was very excited to see that our local Taco Bell was open inside. Until I ate there. We went inside for the first time in a couple months. A huge hand sanitizer stood near the registers, all the condiment dishes were empty as were the straws and lids...

All the tall tables (where we prefer to sit), had signs on them like the image above and the legs were zip tied together so you couldn't sit down. I was going to sit there anyway because none of the tables were clean. The tables were either occupied (only two) or they were dirty. My husband went to the counter to ask the cashier to clean the tables. She came out to the lobby and cleaned ONE table.

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