It was a plant day…


Posted by Annie in gardening, Twain Harte News on May 3, 2019

I love chives, they are so yummy. Fun to grow too.


Today was a plant day! I bought 8 succulents and a lavender plant! I was gifted a raspberry plant, some tomato plants and an oregano plant. Thank you Michael! Can’t wait to get them in the ground.

Still looking for a Wintergreen Plant. I know there is one out there with my name on it.  My raspberry plants came back up from last year, with volunteers. I may actually get some if the deer or chicken don’t get them first. I’m still training my chickens to stay out. Are chickens even trainable?


Happy New Year…


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Twain Harte News on January 2, 2019

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.  We had a few people out shooting their guns, some people complained. I don’t think anyone got hurt.  We have a strange mix of people up here: you have ultra-liberals, who I don’t understand, but I’m trying, and we have just as many ultra-conservative and not much in between.

Regardless of your political disposition, we need to listen to each other and try to hear what the other side is saying. Be prepared to change your mind, if warranted.  I have a friend I like to spar with.  His thinking is so totally opposite mine, but I find we have a great deal in common. It’s not easy, but I’ve learned to smile and nod.  

We live in a small community, so lets keep it small and personal.  I like that my mailman knows who I am.  I’m more than a house number. 

I leave you with something to think about…

Mary-Jo Klackle, 84, passed away


Posted by Annie in Twain Harte News on February 6, 2017


Mary-Jo Klackle: April 2, 1932 – January 26, 2017

Mary-Jo Klackle 84, a long time resident of Twain Harte, passed away peacefully on January 26, 2017. Mary-Jo was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on April 2, 1932. She is survived by her loving husband of 66 years, Billy; sister Sue; sons, Mike, Scott, Kurt and Chris; daughter-in-laws, Candy, Laura, Joy and Lisa; 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Mary-Jo loved all of her family and went out of her way to keep in touch with them.

She was a working mother and retired from her real estate career at Pebble Creek in 2007. Mary-Jo enjoyed a full life filled with friends and family and various hobbies, sports, clubs, and causes. She traveled the world and loved adventures, exploring new places and meeting new people. She loved to talk and laugh, surrounded by family and friends. She will be missed by all of us.

There will be a memorial service on 2/18/17 at 11a.m. at Christ Presbyterian Church, 925 N Sarival Ave, Goodyear, AZ 85338 Phone: (623) 882-0721. Donations can be made to:

Pebble Creek Kare Bears – 

Disabled Veterans – 

Autism Society –