You must try Squeeze Burger once…


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Restaurants, Twain Harte News on October 17, 2016

We’ve been trying to change our diet, and eat better, but it’s so hard not to eat out once in awhile, so we like to try out the local burger joints. I have a very sensitive stomach, so I have to watch what I eat.  The first time I tried Squeeze Burger their food was fantastic, but I had a rough night, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to try it again.

squeeze-burgerWe normally give a new restaurant at least two tries and I am so glad we have that policy because the food was just as delicious the second time.  This burger was monster size.  The first time I ate half the burger and the second time I ate a little more than half.

The bacon is out of this world, it’s thick and crispy, just like you made it from home. The cheese skirt is heavenly, about a 3″ “skirt” of cheddar cheese, that breaks off from the burger easily. Either eat it alone or break it off and put it back on the burger.  Unless, you are big eaters do yourself a favor, split it with someone because the fries and custard are both incredible. You will want to save a little room.

I can’t tell you when I’ve had a burger that was so satisfying. Everything is made fresh daily and it tastes like it.  I didn’t inquire as to the type of beef they use because frankly, sometimes it’s just better not to know. <grin> I didn’t get sick and that’s all that matters to me. It probably still has GMO’s in the meat, so I wouldn’t eat this too often.

The burger was juicy and it was thicker than your regular fast food burger, the bun has sesame seeds that I normally avoid and while the bun is covered it’s steamed on the grill and I really didn’t notice them.  The fries were seasoned, fresh, hot, and firm.  They were delicious.

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

I stopped in this afternoon determined to try the custard. I got chocolate and vanilla twirl, the small, it was absolutely delicious and I was prepared to hate it. It was creamy, with a very smooth texture, nothing grainy here, very thick, it reminded me of Wendy’s Frosty, but this isn’t ice cream, it’s custard. I’ve tried all the frozen yogurt in town and didn’t care for any of it.  This was exceptional and it didn’t upset my stomach one bit.  I’m simply amazed.

We will be going back, just not too often, this is greasy, fried, fast food, that isn’t so fast but this rates right up there with In-N-Out Burger, except the price.  In-N-Out is simple, good, cheap food, and it’s fresh, now multiply that by 3 cause that’s what you will pay, but you’ll get 4 times the burger.

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A Review: The Homeplace


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Restaurants on October 3, 2012

We’ve had the pleasure of eating at The Homeplace a couple of times now and we’ve enjoyed our meal every time.

English: Picture of fries made from sweet pota...

Sweet Potato Fries

The sweet potato fries are the best I’ve eaten in Sonora. They are tender, cooked to perfection and they are huge.  I swear a couple of them were two feet long.  That’s unrealistic, but I’d guess maybe 8 inches, anyway. That’s a pretty good size fry.  I’ve eaten at some places around town, where all the fries are 3 inches max.  These sweet potato fries left me dreaming about more, and our next visit.

Their ribeye steak is awesome. Juicy, tender, melt in your mouth – delicious, but you can only get it after 5 pm. Which shouldn’t be a problem, but we always seem to get there about 3:00 – too early for dinner, too late for lunch. So, keep that in mind if you fall in love with this ribeye steak!

My husband just loves their club sandwich and their burgers weren’t bad either. The choice of buns was limited and they lean more towards a deli with their sandwich menu. The sandwich menu is extensive and they do them up right.

The only problem we had was, as their website states: “Our Food is Made to Order.  Your Patience is Appreciated.” They mean it. The part about the patience that is. The staff has one speed – slow. If you are in a hurry, pass The Homeplace by. You’ll only leave frustrated.  However, if you are looking for a place to catch up with friends and have an hour or so to spend. This is the place.

The atmosphere is homey with about three booths and five tables, so don’t bring the whole gang, but it’s nice for a group of four or five to sit, relax, talk about old times and dine on scrumptious food.

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Pizza Factory Delivers!


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Opinion, Restaurants, Twain Harte News on January 28, 2011

I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve said, “Oh, how I wish the Twain Harte Pizza Factory delivered.” My wish has been granted — Super Bowl Sunday (Hey, one day is better than nothing.) the Twain Harte Pizza Factory will deliver fresh, hot pizza to your door, so you won’t miss a play.

We don’t have network or cable television at our house, so I can tell you this — we won’t be watching the Super Bowl but I won’t miss this opportunity to have pizza delivered straight to my door.

You could always do Bob a favor and call your order in ahead of time. Why wait until the last minute?  Just remember to tip your driver — maybe Bob will realize we need delivery service in Twain Harte.

Today, has been such an exciting day!

I didn’t tell you what I witnessed last night. Well, since our move, I’ve been smoking my cigarettes outside — thank goodness for the unseasonally warm weather. Last night, I went out to the back deck for my break. It’s so peaceful and serene out there, (if you don’t count Friday and Saturday nights when the Courtside Bar & Grill is in full-swing).

Apparently, I am not the only one that thinks so either. I kept hearing some weird noises in the yard but was having a little trouble figuring out where it was coming from. I grabbed a flashlight and startled the heck out of several deer who had decided that my backyard would make a wonderful place to nap. I’m just thankful I am generally quiet, so they weren’t disturb. We both managed to enjoy my back yard — me on the deck, them in the yard.

Twain Harte is the most wonderful place on earth. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I died and went to heaven.

P.S. One last bit of news for the day. Workers have been working on the road around the Twain Harte Shopping Center. Those Suburban swallowing potholes are now a thing of the past.

Stay safe!

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