Abandoned Mine in Amador


Posted by Annie in Opinion, Political on August 13, 2013

This isn’t exactly a Twain Harte issue, but it’s close enough that I thought some of you may be interested.


Open House Planned Regarding Arsenic Investigation Plans

The Bureau of Land Management and East Bay Municipal Utility District will hold an open house for residents of Ione and surrounding communities on Aug. 22 to discuss proposed remediation alternatives at an abandoned mine land site in Amador County.

The open house, part of a series of BLM and EBMUD meetings to keep residents informed of  activities at the site, will be held at EBMUD Pardee Center’s McLean Hall, 3535 Sandretto Road, Valley Springs, from 7 – 8 p.m. 

Remediation alternatives are presented in the Draft Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis for the abandoned mine investigation project on public lands at the Poison Lake Pond Complex site. The Draft EE/CA is available to the public at the Amador County Library in Jackson and the Ione Library in Ione.

Investigations by EBMUD and BLM indicate that the subject pond waste sediments may be associated with the former Penn Mine, a  historic copper mine approximately 1 mile east of the site across the Mokelumne River. A release of hazardous substances such as arsenic, copper, mercury and zinc may have occurred and could potentially continue if actions are not taken. The contaminants onsite pose human health and ecological risks through contact with surface soil and sediment transport to Camanche Reservoir.

“Since public health and safety is our top priority, we want the local community to be fully aware of our plans and actions and address any comments or questions the residents may have,” said William Haigh, BLM Mother Lode Field Office manager.

The public is also invited to review the Draft EE/CA and provide comments to BLM by Sept. 23. Send comments to Peter Graves, AML/Hazmat Program Lead, California State Office, 2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623, Sacramento, CA 95825 or p15grave@blm.gov.

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March Against Monsanto: May 25


Posted by Annie in Organic, Political on April 13, 2013

On May 25, activists around the world will unite to March Against Monsanto. We will be joining them at Courthouse Park, Washington Street, Sonora, CA at 12:00 noon.

monsanto5-25Why do we march? Research studies have shown that Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors, infertility and birth defects.

In the United States, the FDA, the agency tasked with ensuring food safety for the population, is steered by ex-Monsanto executives, and we feel that’s a questionable conflict of interests and explains the lack of government-lead research on the long-term effects of GMO products.

Recently, the U.S. Congress and president collectively passed the nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act” that, among other things, bans courts from halting the sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds.

For too long, Monsanto has been the benefactor of corporate subsidies and political favoritism. Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto continues to forge its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup.

Monsanto’s GMO seeds are harmful to the environment; for example, scientists have indicated they have caused colony collapse among the world’s bee population.

What are solutions we advocate?

  • Voting with your dollar by buying organic and boycotting Monsanto-owned companies that use GMOs in their products.
  • Labeling of GMOs so that consumers can make those informed decisions easier.
  • Repealing relevant provisions of the US’s “Monsanto Protection Act.”
  • Calling for further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs.
  • Holding Monsanto executives and Monsanto-supporting politicians accountable through direct communication, grassroots journalism, social media, etc.
  • Continuing to inform the public about Monsanto’s secrets.
  • Taking to the streets to show the world and Monsanto that we won’t take these injustices quietly.

We will not stand for cronyism. We will not stand for poison. That’s why we March Against Monsanto.

Please join us in taking a stand against Monsanto and the FDA.  May 25, 2013 at Noon.

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Shop Local and Save!


Posted by Annie in Organic, Political on November 1, 2012


When you live in the mountains you try to plan your trips. We try not to drive down the hill everyday, not only does it make good sense economically, it also make good ecological sense too.  I like to shop local and I like to save, we’ll just call it frugal to be nice.

Have you been in our local stores lately?  You might be surprised at how much money you save. Just this week the Twain Harte Market had apples for 89 cents.  I was shocked to find organic green grapes actually cheaper than the GMO ones. I find savings like this all the time.  I love this store. On those items which are more expensive I consider my time, the gas to drive to another store, and the amount on the item; most of the time, it just makes sense to go ahead and purchase the item.

I love that they buy local and their always improving. I don’t always like change, in fact I’m usually the first to complain about it, but just this week they added a refrigerated dog section. I was very surprised — I might even check it out some day. These are the kinds of things they do,  keeping up with the times.

I stopped in to the Twain Harte Kitchen Store today. I bought an apple peeler that will core, and slice the apples, if I want.  It was the same price as the one on Amazon that didn’t give you that option.  I was very pleased.  The prices were fair, I think I might have found one item cheaper someplace else but it was only $1 and they gave me a 15% discount on my order. (Hint: If your a regular customer, and the owners get to know you, they may give you a discount too. They are very nice people.)

I found good quality items, not like that discount stuff at Wal-mart, it was close to home and I didn’t pay more for it. It’s a win – win – win situation.  I have I mentioned that I love shopping local?

The pharmacy, don’t you just love to wander around that store. I could spent two or three hours in there easily.  It always amazes me what a variety of items can be found. They have everything. Even if you don’t buy, dreaming is nice.  I like to stop in once or twice a week just to see whats on sale, it’s the odd days when I don’t find something that I needed either real or imagined.

My point is as you think about doing your holiday shopping, don’t forget places like Ace Lumber (Twain Harte Lumber), even 7-11 has seasonal merchandise and it often priced to sell.

I know it seems like everything is made in China, but it’s not. You can find stuff Made In The USA, but you’ll have to look for it. Our local merchants know we want quality items at a fair price. Isn’t that what America is all about?  So remember, shop local and whenever possible, buy local.

Here’s a Directory for Twain Harte & Vicinity

I’m so sad Prop 37 did not win, but maybe now we can come together and get laws passed that actually protect our families.  I think this in an important issue and I will continue to fight to make sure our food supply is safe.  Eat Organic!

Prop 37 and GMO Foods: Yea or Nay?


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