It was a plant day…


Posted by Annie in gardening, Twain Harte News on May 3, 2019

I love chives, they are so yummy. Fun to grow too.


Today was a plant day! I bought 8 succulents and a lavender plant! I was gifted a raspberry plant, some tomato plants and an oregano plant. Thank you Michael! Can’t wait to get them in the ground.

Still looking for a Wintergreen Plant. I know there is one out there with my name on it.  My raspberry plants came back up from last year, with volunteers. I may actually get some if the deer or chicken don’t get them first. I’m still training my chickens to stay out. Are chickens even trainable?


Plants, Chickens and Wildlife


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Cherry Tomato Plant

Cherry Tomato Plant

So far my garden isn’t looking too bad this year for someone who knows nothing and I’m fighting the spraying, which seems to be going on constantly. I’ve got three large tomatoes about 20 cherry tomatoes and the promise of more.

Either the deer or the chickens are eating the tops off my pepper plants again this year. That’s what happened last year. I never been able to grow any peppers, heck, I never even had one baby pepper grow last year. I’ve keep them close to the house.

I just have to be smarter than a chicken, right? I am guarding that little pepper with my life. I am determined to get at least one.

Tiny baby Pepper!

Tiny baby Pepper!

Because of the drought, and the aluminum, I have been adding a little Lugol’s Iodine Solution in the rain water I catch. I believe it will help clear toxins out of the soil.

Lugol’s Iodine:¬† An Important Detoxification Tool

I’ve also been using baking soda, Epson salts, peroxide, and organic sea kelp on my soil, it seems to help. If I have plants that aren’t doing well because of the intense sun, I put them in the green house. ¬†It’s just a tiny little thing but it gives the plants time to heal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve been keeping them close to the house and I feed the chicken behind the house. ¬†Most of the chickens have gotten the hint and they really don’t bother the plants at all. We do have a couple that insist on digging in my Aronia shrub, an excellent source of antioxidants.

Wildlife: Plants are browsed by white-tailed deer and rabbits. The fruit are eaten by ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chickens.

For pest control I’m growing spearmint, peppermint, oregano, rosemary. ¬†One of my rosemary plants just withered up and died. ¬†It’s a pathetic looking thing. ¬†I haven’t brought myself to toss it out yet. ¬†I feel so bad when one of my plants die. ¬†When they grow and flourish like this spearmint plant, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.



Even my Crooked Neck Squash seems to be doing well. Last year they were overran with aphids. I didn’t get to them quick enough and by the time I got rid of them, the squash had stopped growing. ¬†I got frustrated and ripped it up. No sense wasting water on it.

Crooked Neck Squash

Crooked Neck Squash

With the water restrictions, the chemical spraying, and the¬†animals — wild and domestic — it’s¬†amazing I have anything growing at¬†all.¬†Only time will tell, but I have a good feeling this year that my garden will persevere.

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Agenda 21 in Twain Harte?


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What’s going to happen to Twain Harte, my beloved little mountain town? ¬†That depends on what you decide to do about it.

English: Field in or just outside of Twain Har...

Twain Harte, California

I know many of you think I’m crazy by now, but I’m going to tell it like it is. We have been undergoing a weather-modification experiment. Our government, the Air Force and the globalists have been intentionally causing this drought. Those neat lines in the sky are chemical payloads¬†that have been raining down on us, made up of mostly aluminum and barium with a few other things mixed in for good measure.

It’s killing off parts of trees and¬†plants. Look around the mountain¬†and you’ll find plenty of evidence. Heck, when we got our “snow” storm a couple weeks ago I tried to melt the snow.¬†¬†I brought a bucket inside, it took hours for it to melt (even though it was 70 degrees inside), when it was almost done you could see floating on top of the water some cotton looking substance that dissolved when disturbed.

Very strange indeed.  I even tried melting it with a lighter. It just got black and tried to burn. Not a drop of water squeezed out of that snow.

Why on earth would they be doing this?

Why Agenda 21 of course.

They want to make this area a “wildlife corridor” and not allow people up on the mountain anymore. If they make it so you can’t grow anything in California and there isn’t any water, we will be forced to leave. ¬†The UN is already talking about relocating people from California to another state. ¬†You can’t make this stuff up.

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