Mandatory Masks? LA Times Lied


Posted by Annie in Political on June 20, 2020

We went to Safeway yesterday, and were told the governor had issued a mandatory mask executive order. We told the manager to read the ADA, and went in to the store, completed our shopping, then checked out at the self-checkout.  We were told we wouldn’t be allowed back in.

Well, we came home and searched the internet.  The governor did NOT order mandatory masks and the LA Times lied.  To make things easier, I’ll let the Healthy American, Peggy Hall explain.

Here is part two of her video. 

I just don’t understand why the media is lying to us?  The only place I’ve seen it reported even close to accurate was China in Focus.  How strange.

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  • Alex says:

    You’re very proud to not wear a mask.

  • Annie says:

    Mask are unhealthy and protect no one but harm plenty of people. I just want people to make informed decisions. Right now, people are following a lie and that’s not right.

  • Steve Kingsman says:

    Well you might want to wear a mask starting next week since a bunch of my buddies (wild, bar-hopping, unemployed partiers) got together and rented a house for the summer. Should be a good time.

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