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Posted by Annie in Twain Harte News on September 1, 2016

Each drive I make up “the hill” to Mi Wuk, Sierra Village and Strawberry makes my heart so heavy. I break down in tears. Easter Sunday, I took a drive up to Mi Wuk to Andy’s Mountain Grill for lunch. There were a great many motorcycles out and about, the sun was shining I was enjoying the day, when all of the sudden there are trees down everywhere.

The trees are being cut down by the millions! You can visibly see the dead trees littering the forest, what a horror.  The aluminum they are spraying into the air, comes down and lands in the trees, some sticks to the pine needles adding to the flammability and probability of more forest fires. So far, we have been very lucky.

Residents have little notice in fast-moving fire

The Union Democrat 

Dave and Angela Allured were putting their 2-year-old son down for a nap Sunday afternoon when a friend texted: Fire was coming their way.

“I looked out the window and saw the fire heading right towards us,” Angela Allured said. “It was coming so fast. We grabbed our dog and left.”

As she was telling the story Monday near their destroyed garage and damaged house, her husband interjected, “Left with nothing else. We left so fast.”

Drive up past Twain Harte as soon as you can.  The landscape is changing every day and with so many dead and dying trees. It will likely never be the same.

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I was thinking about this just yesterday. I made a trip up the hill to help someone out and thought about all the stumps where huge trees once stood.

The tag line for the Twain Harte Times used to be “More Trees Than People”. Today it would be, “More Stumps Than People”.

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