Sonora Pass is Open


Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on May 18, 2016

Sonora pass is officially open for the season!

MyMotherlode reports…

“Caltrans officials confirm that Highway 108 Sonora Pass is now clear for motorists. It is the third of the Mother Lode’s three passes to be ready for seasonal travel.”

When I first moved to Twain Harte, I thought it was so strange that they would close the highway for the winter.

I come from Michigan, where they use salt on the roads, not sand. I haven’t lived there in years, but the last time I can recall a road being closed, was during the blizzard of 1978. They closed down highway 75 — a major highway for at least 24 hours.  Of course, that was the day before my wedding.  Not many people came.

Apparently, we still have snow on the mountain. If you hurry up there, like in the next week or two, you might actually get to see some. If you make the trip, be sure to post some pictures in the comments.

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