Ladybugs, Chickens and Aphids


Posted by Annie in gardening, Organic on June 17, 2014

Chickens nesting in treeMy house just gets crazier by the day.  About five days ago, I tried to move my chickens.  Well I moved them alright, but not the way I intended. After they went to bed, I just picked up the pen and moved it where I wanted it.  I figured that should be that and I was done.

However, the next night the birds acted like they didn’t know where to go.  So, after some deliberating I moved the little coop back where it was.  Only two of the birds returned, the other four went up a tree and have been there every night since.  It seems they like it so much, every night they climb higher and higher.

Birds in treeI hate to say this but I’m afraid they won’t come back until something gets one of them.  I just try to keep an eye out for them at night, I don’t know what else to do.

Today, I discovered that my Zucchini has aphids really bad.  So, we were off to buy some ladybugs.  Then of course the ladybugs need a house. I sure hope they do the trick.  I have to wait until tonight to put some of them out.  The instructions advise putting out a few at a time.

Tonight, I gave the birds dried meal worms.  They were happy. I had five of them in the pen, I thought I was home free, but then the one chick went up in the tree and the others followed.  Maybe I’ll get them back tomorrow?  I’ll keep you posted.

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