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Posted by Annie in gardening, Organic on May 10, 2014

It’s hard to believe the transformation, and harder still to realize it won’t last long.  What am I talking about?  Everything is alive right now.  The grass (or weeds) is growing, it’s actually green! While we certainly didn’t get a Winter, it’s certain we are in full blown Spring.

English: First blueberries of the season.


We’ve got song birds everywhere — more than I’ve ever noticed in the 10 years I’ve been here. When I go outside at 4:00 a.m. there are already birds singing, and we have lots of baby birds. I love sitting and listening to them. It’s just amazing. I think the difference is that about three months ago I started sprouting seeds for the chickens. They don’t eat all it and I’ve had all sorts of birds come to visit to pick up the slack.

Pollen season hasn’t started yet; at least not the green pollen that covers everything for a month. I noticed the pine trees have sprouted little tiny pine cones, so cute.

I still have far more deer and squirrels hanging around tham I’d like.  I chase them off but they come right back. They all want the chicken feed. Who can blame them?

If you didn’t make it to Mountain People Organics (lovingly called the Farmory) for the FoCuS Plant Starts Festival last Saturday, you really missed out.  I got a swell deal on strawberry plants, 12 plants for $10.  I felt like a thief when I left but oh, so grateful.  The plants are already sprouting several strawberries.  I also picked up a blueberry plant that was heavy with blueberries already. When watering it this morning I noticed blueberries had actually fallen off of it. I ate 2 and gave the bird some.  What a treat!

Be sure to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather before it gets too hot.  Now is a perfect time to visit if you like the outdoors.  🙂 If you stop up for a visit, be sure to dress for the random weather. It still gets chilly at night and we never know from day to day what we will get.  Be prepared.

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