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The environmentalists are at it again, now they want to take away all sorts of things that make no sense at all, unless your in it for the money, which they are.

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Yosemite National Park may ban horse, bike and raft rentals, and remove ice rink and pools

In the name of restoring the park’s natural setting, a new proposal by the National Park Service would ban bicycle and horse rentals in Yosemite Valley and remove the ice rink at Curry Village. Swimming pools at the Yosemite Lodge and Ahwahnee Hotel would be torn out. Rafting rentals on the Merced River would end. The longest stone bridge in Yosemite Valley would be demolished. Even the Yosemite Art Activity Center, where families learn water colors, would go.

The changes — which will be discussed by park officials at a public meeting Thursday in San Francisco — are part of a new set of principles for the park known as the Merced River Plan. The 2,500-page document, released in January, comes after years of lawsuits over what should be allowed in Yosemite Valley and the Merced River that flows through it.

If they really wanted to make changes that made sense they close down all the shops on the valley floor.  Don’t kid yourself, it’s all about the money.  Why not tear down the Ahwahnee Hotel? Because they charge upward of $400 a night!  Outrageous.

I say keep the environmentalists out and the investors and stop fooling around.  Every year, their is construction and they make a mess of the parking and the roads.  I think they do it just to make people miserable.

McClintock said he will introduce an amendment to the park service budget to block removing recreational activities in Yosemite Valley.

If you care about Yosemite, you need to speak up or all that will be allowed to use it are the rich and famous and the bear. I’m sure the construction or deconstruction bills will add up and keep them busy for the next ten years.  Leave Yosemite alone.

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