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Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors on March 2, 2012

English: Child making a (North Dallas, Texas).

Snow Angels

I just love winter! There is nothing like waking up to the crisp, frozen snow. The ice is just starting to melt, the sun is shining, and there are a couple inches of snow on the ground with patches of earth showing through. The snow won’t last long, but it is beautiful while it’s here.

I like to take our little dogs out in the morning at just about day break. It’s a little nippy, but worth braving the cold to take in the sounds of all the birds waking. There is one bird that makes a sort of trill noise. I don’t know what it is but I hear it every morning. I imagine it’s a brilliant green in color with luscious plumes. The reality is probably quite different.

Waking up to the snow has a way of lifting my spirits and helps me put things into perspective. I especially love it when I wake to fresh-fallen snow. I always try to get up really early so I can be the first one to mess it up. With the fresh mountain air it feels like the very first morning – every morning.

The road will be icy in spots, at least until the sun melts it. Those who travel the “seven curves” will want to be especially careful. The road does get sun in a few spots, but there’s always some driver who doesn’t get it and takes those curves at normal speeds. Disaster. So, please slow down.

Take a moment and enjoy the day. Dodge Ridge will be the place to be this weekend.

Powder & Sunny Skies Today!

Dodge Ridge3/2/12 – 5:45am Yesterday we received an additional 7 in. bringing our 4 day snowfall total to 30 in!!! For Today, we’ll have 27 groomed runs, 60 of 67 trails open, base depths of 18″-22″ & all lifts operating w/ the exception of Chairs 4 & T643.

With Bluebird skies, forecasted temps in the 40’s & 37 groomed runs for the weekend, along with 95% of terrain accessible, all lifts scheduled to operate & a brand new park on Upper Six Shooter, this is without a doubt the best weekend of the season so far!

Don’t you just love our new weather widget? You can see at a glance what the weather will be five days in advance.

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