Winter has just begun


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors on February 12, 2012

Well, I think we might finally see some snow. It started raining and my guess is that it’ll turn to snow before it’s over. There are a lot of local businesses that depend upon the snow; Dodge Ridge comes mind, but don’t forget about the rafting businesses like Zephyr Whitewater Rafting.

We could still get enough snow to have a good season. Some folks are saying when it falls this year, we may get more than we bargained for. At this stage of the game it’s anybodies bet. All I can say is we’re prepared to wait it out. Well, as best as one can be prepared.

We’ve been busy around here with two new Shih tzu puppies, that are cute as can be!

If we ever do get winter I’m ready. I have a snow guage and two rain guages that I’d love to check out. We can only hope.

Last year  on Feb. 25, 2011

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  • Shawn & Annette says:

    Update: It is snowing big beautiful snow flakes. It’s totally awesome.

    Going to bed. I’ll update you at 6 am.

  • Shawn & Annette says:

    Update: It’s raining and we’ve had almost .5 inch of rain. I’ll let you know what the morning brings.

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