High Altitude Baking


Posted by Annie in Activities, Organic on December 17, 2012

I’ve been trying to get a “mother” going for sour dough bread and trying to do it without yeast.  Easier said than done.  It gets all bubbly and full of gas but when I go to bake bread with it, either it doesn’t rise or no matter how much flour I use, it never becomes elastic.  It’s so strange but I haven’t give up yet.

A sourdough starter fermenting.

I did a search for “high altitude baking”. There is some good advice out there.

If you have kids, do visit: The High Art of Baking at Altitude.  They really know how to explain this.  I think it’s fascinating.

“Low air pressure has two main effects on baked goods: They will rise more easily, and lose moisture faster; liquids evaporate more quickly since water boils at lower temperatures at high altitude.”

I don’t know why none of these sites mention what I consider the most important thing: your pans.  Bright and shiny pans are not so good. I find that the darker they are, the better they perform.  So, if you’re having trouble getting your bread to bake, or cookies are inedible, try buying the darkest pan you can find.

Like this…

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