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Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors on April 8, 2011

It’s just past noon, the sun shines brightly overhead, then suddenly it ducks behind the clouds, only to reappear moments later. I just love this time of day.

Even though the temperature has only risen 4 tiny degrees (the temperature is 34°), it’s just enough of an increase that the trees can shake loose from their overburdened branches. The falling snow has the sound and feel of someone throwing snowballs at you. The trouble is, I never see them coming. The snow balls drop swiftly and suddenly from the tree branch giving little — if any — warning.

It’s really cool to sit and watch the squirrels play in the snow, only to have a clump of snow fall from the tree and knock them right on their behinds.  They get up, brushing themselves off and look around to make sure no one saw a thing.  Remind you of anyone? 

I’ve been concerned about the doe and her fawn. They tend to only come around when there is snow on the ground, which I find to be curious behavior. I’m wondering if the snow doesn’t assist the deer in eluding the mountain lions, allowing them to come closer into town.

I love the little dears and I’m concerned about them coming here because we are sandwiched in between two busy roads. Fortunately, both roads are traveled mainly by locals who know to watch for the deer. The doe showed up today, she was a little cautious, which I take as a good sign. I want to be able to observe them without interfering with their natural activities.

The fawn didn’t look old enough to me to be venturing off on its own but I am not the local deer expert. I worry that it was hit by a car or that it was eaten by a mountain lion. I mean, I suppose it’s a grand thing if you are a mountain lion but you know women — mention deer and Bambi is the first thing that comes to mind.

Nevermind that I think Thumper stole the show. I could watch an entire program created around Thumper. Don’t you think Thumper the rabbit was awesome?

It’s so beautiful out, I really should be outside enjoying the sun, instead of sitting here at this keyboard writing. The trouble is the driveway is clear, so there is nothing to shovel. I still worry about falling, so I rarely venture out when it’s wet and possibly icy. I wonder how much longer winter will hang around?

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