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Posted by Shawn & Annette in Twain Harte News on March 22, 2011

Just moments ago PG&E restored power to some in the Twain Harte area. The entire area surrounding the  Twain Harte Shopping Center currently has power. It will be nice to do a load of laundry and bake a pizza.

Though I must say, Bob at the Twain Harte Pizza Factory treated us right when we dropped in for some chow after spending hours shoveling our driveway, so we could walk to the store. Due to a fallen tree blocking Michele Lane snow plows had been unable to clear the road. Many vehicles got stuck in the snow trying to back down the road.

I ordered the chicken and dumpling soup, I was expecting something hot, to warm me up, nothing more. The soup was incredible and the plain ham and cheese sub was pretty awesome as well. My guys split a Hawaiian pizza, which they gobbled down without any prompting at all. They both declared it to be sensational! We all left happy and more than satisfied, with our meal — and really the entire experience.

Of course, every person we ran into mentioned the weather in passing. It was wonderful seeing neighbors working together to clear the snow. The snow plow drivers were totally awesome. They made several attempts and managed to clear that big old tree out of the road — it looked like one snowplow had completely driven over the tree at one point.

Just as we got our drive shoveled out enough to get our car out, the snowplows came. Once the tree was removed, they came up from the bottom of the hill clearing the street really well. We were thrilled to have them finally clear our road. But then, they swung back, headed down the hill, we could see the writing on the wall — our freshly shoveled — clean down to the pavement drive — was about to be covered with chunks of dirty nasty, very heavy pieces of the “Sierra cement” — ice.

My arms ached so bad, I could have sat right down and cried, but I put on a brave face and watched as the snowplows neared our drive. The snowplow drivers were very careful (considering what they were driving) and didn’t do nearly as much damage as they could have. I waved and thanked them for a job well done and went back to shoveling — the guys had gone for gasoline for the generator.

I was mildly irritated, but it was nice to know that the snowplow drivers had a heart and weren’t maliciously blocking driveways.  🙂  There was a time when I secretly thought that.

I started back to work shoveling the snow, cleaning up the mess the snowplows had made, when suddenly a truck (with a plow) came up the hill, the driver slowed down and asked if he could lend a hand. He made short work of the mess and saved my back from pure exhaustion. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

Rumor has it that we are in for some rough weather for the next two weeks. The sun was out for most of the day today, which helped to melt a lot of the snow. The main roads were clear and dry for the most part. Chains are required at Strawberry. As we were leaving Sonora this afternoon, it began to gently hail, no rain or snow has fallen since then.

I was just outside and the wind is really picking up. Snow and ice are still falling from the branches of trees.

For those who are still without power, Mymotherlode reported three warming stations open in the area:

In the Soulsbyville area, a warming station is open at the Moose Lodge off Highway 108 at 20921 Longeway Road. A second warming station is available at the Word of Life Fellowship Center in Mi Wuk Village on Highway 108. At 2:00 pm, a third warming station opened at the Groveland Community Hall at 18720 Highway 120 in Groveland.

The shelters will remain open from 8am until 7:30 pm daily until the power outages are restored.

If you know of someone without heat, please pass along this information. I am sure many are still without power this evening.

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