Living in Winter’s Grip


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors, Tuolumne County, Twain Harte News on March 24, 2011

It’s a beautiful day outside — so long as you can admire it from the window as you sit in front of a roaring fire. Pooh would call this a very blustery day.

The roads aren’t too bad either, so long as you have decent tires and keep it slow. I slide around in the driveway a little but only because I got tired of shoveling and decided to just drive right through it.

In just the past couple of minutes the wind has really picked up.  It appears to be snowing from West to East rather than straight down. With all this sudden gusting wind, I’m concerned, not only about possible power outages but about the most recent Mymotherlode report:

The National Weather Service has issued a Significant Weather Advisory for the Motherlode through 5:30 PM.  

The line of storms were last reported just west of Milton in Calaveras County and moving east at thirty mph.

Small hail was reported with these storms along with very heavy rain. Funnel clouds will also be possible.

If threatening weather approaches your area, take shelter in a sturdy building.

While there is no mention of Tuolumne County that doesn’t mean we are in the clear. Sometimes I really miss not having television.

Many people are still without power at this hour.

Thursday Afternoon Power Outages

PG&E Spokesperson Nicole Liebelt says there are currently 4,945 customers in Tuolumne County without electricity mostly in the Twain Harte and Mi Wuk Village areas. 1,580 are without power in Twain Harte, 1,300 are in Mi Wuk Village, 680 in Pinecrest, 675 in Long Barn, 400 in Sonora, 200 in Groveland, 80 in Jamestown and 30 in Tuolumne City.

In Calaveras County there are just over 500 residents without power. These PG&E customers are mostly in the Arnold area with 475. Avery has 50 customers without electricity and 15 are in Valley Springs.

I will try to provide updates as often as I can but if this weather keeps up, we will have more power outages and worse. Twain Harte is really taking a beating up this way. Most people in the area are not prepared for long-term severe weather. I am worried about some of our more elderly neighbors, who may be struggling to get out for needed supplies.

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  • Annie says:

    Over the past few hours, snowfall has increased considerably. The National Weather Service says we can expect 10 to 14 inches over night. Our current temperature is holding steady at 33 degrees — where it’s been all day.

    We are expecting rain and snow all weekend long. The good news is, we are expecting a high of 56 on Monday and a high of 54 on Tuesday. Just in time — I am so ready for some warm weather. Maybe we can all thaw out. 🙂

  • Shawn says:

    New report from NWS asserts that we could receive up to 4 feet of new snow in the next 24 hours in Twain Harte. With their estimate of “2 to 4 inches” last week (when we received 6 feet over four days), I expect a very ugly day tomorrow. Keep warm, folks!

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