Deer Season Closes


Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Tuolumne County on October 30, 2011

Today is October 30th and marks the last day of deer hunting season in California.

California Mule Deer - Image by Alan Vernon.

Just moments ago I watched an 8 point buck grazing in our yard. He is a magnificent creature with bright, alert eyes that watch my every move. I pray that he survives the last day of hunting season, while at the same time, I know he would provide many meals for an adept hunters family.

Twice this week I was blessed to observe a rare sight: traveling together was a young forkie buck, a doe with a young fawn having recently lost her spots. It isn’t very often you find young bucks in the wild, roving with a doe. Generally, bucks travel two or three together. The elder bucks guiding and teaching the younger ones. The bucks are so mighty and graceful to watch — I’m not sure I have the heart to take one down during a hunt.

Shortly the deer will begin to rut and motorists will want to pay extra attention as deer tend to act more erratic than usual during rutting season.

Stay alert: Steer clear of deer during rutting season – It’s true that the activity level of deer is rising this time of year as rutting, or breeding, season peaks in November, said Tom Micetich, deer project manager with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

It’s the rutting season, the time when our forests come alive with deer. Deborah King picks up their trail.

Deer rutting season: Stand and stare

Behold the rutting season, the time when male deer are driven by an urge to reproduce. From October until early November strange groaning and belching sounds will echo from clearings in the woods. The clash of antlers will be heard as males show off their virility to potential mates and, like gladiators entering an arena, they parade around showing off their armoury of antlers.

Apparently, avid deer hunters enjoy the sport of rut tracking.

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