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Did you catch yesterday’s news from MyMotherlode? I’m referring specifically to, “Marijuana Collectives Challenge Charges.”

June 23, 2011    03:28 pm
B.J. Hansen, MML News Director
Tuolumne County Courthouse, Sonora, California...

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Sonora, CA — Eight of the nine suspects arrested following a raid of three
medicinal marijuana collectives in Tuolumne County appeared in court today
before Judge Douglas Boyack.
Today’s arraignment proceedings were continued until August because attorneys
for the eight plan to file a demurrer next month. The legal maneuver
often challenges that while facts presented may be true, they do not constitute
a legal basis for a lawsuit.

“The charges are lacking proper basis, and these are people who were acting
in complete compliance with the medical marijuana laws of California,” says Kali
Grech, Attorney for Sara Herrin of Today’s Health Collective. “The DA is
refusing to recognize those laws and respect those laws.” [Continue reading…]

What I would like to know is why on God’s green earth is District Attorney Donald I. Segerstrom, Jr. draining the taxpayers money conducting expensive raids and trying frivolous lawsuits in the Tuolumne County Court? Maybe he didn’t get the memo that not only is Tuolumne County broke, but so is the state of California. What in the world is this man thinking?

This part really gets me… Is our District Attorney a communist?

Law enforcement officials argue that the collectives were selling marijuana for
profit rather than just collectively cultivating it for medicinal purposes.

What? They opened up businesses, are they supposed to pool their money to pay for the lights and the rent? Of course they are selling marijuana for profit, someone has to supply it and why on earth would they supply it for free? No one else would expect them to.

No one expects the drug companies to operate as a non-profit and charitable foundation. They are capitalists, they lobby in Washington D. C. and they spend a boat load of money while they are at it. Why doesn’t the district attorney send his swat team to Rite Aid and arrest the pharmacist for selling drugs for profit?

It makes just as much sense. Send Mr. Segerstrom, Jr. a message. Stop wasting our money or he can be replaced.

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  • Paul says:

    Dear Citizens, I am the nephew of Raymond Lee Engle my first son is named after my uncle and Ray was the only father in my life.

    I can not recall being this upset even after receiving the call April 18th. I picked up the phone it was my aunt in the middle of a break down I knew something was wrong. When she said Ray was shot I honestly believed I would see him again, But that was not the case Ray was already dead.

    I could not even accept he was gone until I seen him laying there. You see to me my uncle was faster, stronger and wiser then most people I know a genuine survivor. His memory will live on in the hearts of his children. After reading the Union Democrat today I can say I am more upset then ever.

    The Murderer Lavell will only receive a 21 year sentence with parole he will be out in the same community as my uncle’s children in 10 years. I always believed I would move back and raise my kids in such a great environment. This will not happen now a community were the DA says it is OK to murder one of it citizens. Justice is weak in Tuolumne and a man that gets away with murder will murder again.

    I write this public notice to the citizens of Tuolumne that when this man kills another you had forewarning. How one man can shoot another not once not twice but three times in playing view of 2 eyewitnesses and plea down to a 21 year sentence with parole is be on my grasp.

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