Temperatures Dip Once Again


Posted by Annie in Outdoors on November 29, 2010

Owning a cabin in Twain Harte is one of the simple pleasures in life that many cling to. To many a trip to the family cabin brings back fond memories of an uncaptured youth that time cannot erase.

Twain Harte Triangle

Six-years-ago I had the opportunity to meet one of our neighbors. She came up to Twain Harte for her annual week-long vacation at “the cabin”, which she had purchased with her husband in 1969, she proudly retold the family history as she handed me a plate of freshly baked cookies, to welcome our family to the neighborhood.

The lovely woman appeared to be in her 80’s and was accompanied by several family members. I could tell by the way her face lit up as she spoke that a trip home to the cabin, had brought back a flood of memories of happy times spent with her late husband and children during their summer breaks.

Just two short years later, the woman passed on but the memories live on, in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as they make the trek each summer to the cabin where they recall fond memories of their grandparents, all the while making new memories to share with their own children one day.

They also learned a tough lesson last year, when the water pipes froze in their mountain home, because they were too late getting here to winterize their cabin. Each year cabin owners experience frozen pipes, when the temperatures dip down below freezing leading to water damage and broken plumbing.

As I sit here writing it’s 23 degrees, down 2 degrees from an hour ago. It’s bitter cold out there tonight. I hope your cabin or home has been winterized and is safe from the freezing weather.

I have some good news to bring with all this frozen news: beginning on Tuesday, weather reports are calling for warmer temperatures for the rest of the week, with temperatures predicted to climb to a balmy 58 degrees. If you haven’t prepared your cabin for winter, there may still be time, so make it a point to check on things this week. Better safe than sorry.

There has been talk of this being one of the coldest winters on record in the Motherlode. I haven’t dressed the windows for the weather yet this year, so I think I’ll do that this week, while it is still early in the season. I like to tack quilts and colorful comforters up over the windows for the winter to help insulate us from the cold and cut down on heating costs. While they might not make a fashion statement our family is warm and cozy inside and the look is tasteful.

After my post yesterday, crews were brought in to clean up the triangle in front of 7-11. I’d just like to say thank you. It was getting pretty scary driving through there.

Stay warm folks.

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  • Shawn says:

    Unfortunately, even though they spent hours “fixing” the triangle at 7/11, the road still has inches of ice and snow, and vehicles are still sliding thru the intersection because they’re not driving slow enough to stop on the ice.

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