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Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on January 23, 2010

Sugar Pine, California -- Snowfall

Most of Twain Harte has been without power since yesterday. 

According to PG&E recorded messages, they have had equipment damage that they are working to repair. PG&E is currently estimating power restoration sometime after 3:00 p.m., January 26th. 

Fortunately, folks in Sugar Pine currently have power, although residents have experienced numerous power outages over the past several days. 

We left our house this afternoon and for a nice change we headed up to Sugar Pine for a wonderfully HOT shower, some warm food and to pick up an electrical generator. When we left our house it was a chilly 49° — inside the house. 

Sugar Pine Ridge

It got down to a brisk 28° outside last night. Today it’s beautiful, the sun is shining, the snow has stopped falling — at least for now. We are expecting more snow, down to around 3500 feet tonight. Another storm has been predicted to roll through Sunday evening. 

If you are planning a trip up highway 108 into our winter wonderland, expect to chain up. Tire chains or snowtires are required past Twain Harte. A check point has been established just east of Twain Harte, where installers are present and for $30, they will chain up your vehicle for you. 

We drove up highway 108, as far as Sugar Pine, the highway is clear of snow but wet, it’s currently 35°, so ice isn’t much of an issue at this time. I’ll be posting regular updates, as often as I can — depending of course on the availability of power. 

Stay warm!

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  • Annie says:

    I’ve got another update for everyone. The mountain is full, please turn around… Oh, that wasn’t it.

    On our way home from Sugar Pine, we stopped to pick up a small disposable propane tank, the Twain Harte Market had plenty last night — today, they were sold out. The Market is also out of size “D” batteries.

    PG&E had predicted we would be without power until Jan. 26th, so we stopped at the Twain Harte Pizza Factory, where they were having a party in the dark. The ovens are being ran by generators. Their menu is limited to pizza and beer. No one seemed to mind, everyone was in good spirits.

    We brought our pizza home to eat, when we arrived, we were elated to discover that our power has been restored. We are so thankful.

    However, the rest of Twain Harte remains powerless and in the dark for the most part. The traffic was really steady this afternoon on highway 108, lots of people heading up to Dodge Ridge for the day.

    Travelers should be aware that, no gas is available in Twain Harte. The Twain Harte Shell station has remained open but is not pumping gas. Anyone needed gasoline should fill up in Sonora or Soulsbyville. You can also fill up at Zak’s Auto Shack in Sugar Pine and of course there is always Sonny’s Mini Mart aka Sierra Village Market.

    While shopping at the market, I was surprised to learn that some of the locals had no idea most of us had been and many are still without power. One lady I spoke with who lives in Ponderosa Hills, was surprised to learn that the market was without power.

    Speaking of power. Since the power outage has turned into a much longer one that we had all hoped for, the Twain Harte Market has all it’s frozen food on sale for 50% off. If you have a way to keep things frozen, now is a terrific time to drop in and pick up some frozen foods.

    I’ll keep my ear to the ground and bring you updates so long as I am able.

    Keep warm folks!

  • Annie says:

    My Motherlode reports, in part…

    A warming station has been set up at the Mi Wuk Fire Station for anyone without power. It is located at 24247 Hwy 108. If you are in the Mi Wuk area and have a medical emergency or in need of oxygen, call 586-5256.

    PG&E says crews are working as quickly as possible to get everyone’s power restored. There is not an estimate for full restoration. If you have been without power for over 48 hours, you can call the PG&E special outage line is 1-888-743-4743 to talk with a live representative.

  • Annie says:

    I just returned from a trip to the Twain Harte Market. The entire Twain Harte Village Shopping Center is still without power or running on generators, with no word as to when power will be restored — though PG&E assures us they are working on the problem.

    The good news is that power has been returned to the downtown area. 7-11 was open, with lights, the same goes for The Sportsman and the China House restaurants.

    If you are looking for savings, now is the time. Everything in the entire freezer section at the Twain Harte Market is now 50% off. I picked up a huge box of frozen lasagna (still totally frozen) and some frozen bread dough (mostly thawed, must be baked today). Most items will have to be cooked today, some items are still frozen enough to be put back in the freezer, like the frozen strawberries and the blueberries I picked up.

    As a safety precaution, most frozen items will need to be cooked right away, I’d say within the next 48 hours — especially the chicken and fish products. If you have a large family, you shouldn’t have trouble eating it up right away.

    There is just the three of us. I dropped $25.00 on frozen items today and I’m feeling really good about my savings. I didn’t pick up anything from the ice cream section but slightly melted ice cream would make some terrific shakes, add some frozen berries and some whip topping — all on sale, and you’ve got a wonder treat for the kids.

    As for snow — no new snow fell last night in Twain Harte.

    My Motherlode reports:
    The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Sierra Nevada from 4 PM Sunday through 4 AM Tuesday. Snow accumulations of six to twelve inches is expected from 4500 to 5000 feet.

    That’s all for now. Stay warm.

  • Michael says:

    I live in Sugar pine just west of Leisure Dr. and I still dont have power as of Thurs. Mar. 24th. #@#$%@%

  • Annie says:

    Dad lives up on Middle Camp near Kelly’s and his power was out briefly but the last I heard from him, he’s had power most of the time — even when we were without for two days.

    Hopefully, you have water? I stopped in for lunch at the Twain Harte Pizza Factory — do try today’s soup — Potato with Bacon, it was very good, where a young man was discussing his lack of water. Apparently, a portion of Twain Harte Drive gets their water from Cedar Ridge and the pump broke during the last outage, they haven’t had water for awhile now.

    I sure enjoyed those beautiful Jan. and Feb. days but this weather is too much like a bad Michigan winter. Yuk.

    Do you at least have a generator Michael? I’m holding good thoughts for you. Hope you are staying warm.

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