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Posted by Annie in Twain Harte News on November 27, 2010

A weather advisory had been issued from 4:00 a.m. Saturday, until 4:00 a.m. Sunday. I fully expected to wake up to another 6-8 inches of newly fallen snow. I am happy to report that did not happen. We have roughly a 1/2 inch of new snow, but it is really coming down as I write.

The good folks in Sugar Pine added another couple of inches over night. The tow trucks have been busy rescuing stranded drivers and those who are stuck in ditches, etc…

I’ve been contacted by several people who were waiting to see what was going to happen before deciding to make the drive to their Twain Harte cabin or their first trip to Dodge Ridge for the season. Our neighbors decided to brave the trip and spent the entire day yesterday, shoveling the Sierra Cement from their driveway.

Wednesday night services were cancelled at the Chapel in the Pines, due to a fallen tree on Tuolumne Drive and several others that made it almost impossible to actually get to the church. The downed trees have been mostly removed and services will be held tomorrow at their regular time.

Dodge Ridge is expecting another 1-2 feet of new snow today. If you have been tempted in the past to buy a season ticket but were not sure you would get your moneys worth, this is the year to buy. Dodge Ridge is poised to have a record breaking year in both snowfall and in ticket sales, if the weather continues to provide excellent conditions. According to their website, they have had 5-feet of new snowfall in five-days. That is pretty incredible.

If you are considering traveling to Twain Harte and points beyond, please be prepared. Keep the following safety measures in mind and enjoy your trip to our winter wonderland.

  1. Slow down — No need to hurry, the snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, use caution and slow down, the roads maybe icy, especially in areas where the sun is blocked out by our beautiful trees (like the 7-curves).
  2. Carry Chains — If you are only traveling as far as Twain Harte, you may not need them but the law requires you have them in your vehicle. Please keep in mind that many back streets have not been cleared well. Be on the look out for fallen trees, while most have been cleared from the road, there are places where down trees are still a hazard for motorists.
  3. Wear Proper Attire — Temperatures are unseasonally cold right now. Hats, gloves, long underwear, boots, coats are not just for fashion statements. Should you get stranded or be forced to walk in the cold, having the proper clothing can make all the difference. Even a simple trip to the market can be cause for concern, should you get stuck and be forced to wait for help.
  4. Communication — Cell service was out in the area for 6-day and was just restored Thursday evening. Don’t count on being able to use your cell phone in an emergency. It is always a good idea to check in with a friend or family member. Let them know where you are going, how long you expect it to take you and agree to check in from time to time. Then if you experience vehicle trouble (or worse) someone will know to look for you. People do disappear in these parts each year. Sadly, many are never found.
  5. Winterize the Car — Be sure to check fluid levels, tires, etc… Wiper blades can be very important this time of year. Be sure to buy the best you can afford, after all visiblity is essential. While you are at it, toss in a couple of blanks, water, and high energy snacks — be sure to bring enough for everyone. Find more winter survival tips and links.

I just received word that the Dardanelle Resort is closed for the season and will reopen in May 2010.

More later — Stay Warm!

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  • Annie says:

    The snow has turned to rain in just the past few moments. Motorists will need to be on the look-out for ice on the pavement.

    The current temperature according to my weather station is 34 degrees. It could get ugly folks.

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