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Posted by Annie in Opinion on March 3, 2010

I was feeling so poorly yesterday that I almost cancelled my Chiropractic appointment because I simply did not feel up to going. Fortunately, I kept my appointment. Maybe I should back up a little and start from the beginning…  

A couple weeks ago, the entire left side of my face started hurting. Since I have two broken teeth on that side, I really was not all that surprised. I have been expecting problems. As much as I hate to go, I called around and found a dentist who was willing to see me on short notice.  

A Visit to the Dentist

The pain that had started out in my jaw, just below my ear, had traveled down to my chin and up into my ear, affecting the temple area as well. I had visions of emergency dental surgery and a huge dentist bill to pay. I was not looking forward to seeing the dentist either, but I kept my appointment, like a good girl.  

Normally, when I have any medical issues, I check with Dr. Hall first. I have found over the years that my Chiropractor is able to treat a wide variety of ailments, more than I ever thought possible. This time around, I was so convinced that my teeth were the problem, it never occurred to me to seek his advice.  

Pain Relief With Laser Therapy

I was totally unprepared for the dentist, after taking x-rays, to send me to the Chiropractor for a laser therapy treatment. Apparently, it was not my teeth at all, but my jaw, that was causing the problem. I went directly from the dentist to Dr. Hall’s office. Gretchen, the laser tech, squeezed me right in and lasered not only my jaw and temple areas but also my teeth — from the inside of my mouth. My tooth got warm and felt like it had a light glowing inside. It was a strange feeling for sure but soothing.  

I followed up with two additional laser treatments over the next two-days and my jaw was feeling terrific, but my teeth were alive. After years of having no issues with my broken teeth, the laser woke up the nerves and I was in major pain – my teeth hurt worse than my jaw had, before it was treated.  

After two-days of eating only soft room temperature foods (certainly nothing hot or cold) my teeth began to return to normal, so I was able to start eating again. I can see now that what I experienced was a long chain reaction, which started with pain in my jaw and ended up totally messing up my digestive tract in a big way. For three-days, I suffered with terrible abdominal pain.  

A trip to the Chiropractor to be bent in half and twisted like a pretzel – okay, I exaggerate more than a little, but it was sure to feel that way to me at the time – was not something I was looking forward to.   

First, Dr. Hall asked me to tell him how I was feeling and what was going on. Afterwards, he had me lay down and after a brief examination, he announced that I had a hiatal hernia. I was concerned. He looked pleased and proudly proclaimed, “I can fix that.” I was speechless.  

Castor Oil Plaster

He worked on my abdomen, explaining the procedure, and what to expect, every step of the way. After five minutes or so, he announced he was finished and sent me across the hall for Gretchen to treat it with the Class IV Laser. The light was warm and very soothing to my tender stomach, after which, she gave me a massage. Gretchen advised me to purchase some Castor Oil and gave me directions on how to prepare a Castor Oil plaster, which I had never heard of.  

I would hazard a guess that most young people (those under 35) have never heard of Castor Oil and probably have no clue as to its many uses. It seems like only yesterday I could hear my grandmother saying, “You just need a dose of Castor Oil.” My grandmother believed a dose of Castor Oil would cure anything and everything. She might have been right.  

After Gretchen’s instructions, I was sure the Castor Oil pack would do the trick and bonus: I didn’t have to drink it! So, we drove from Summit Chiropractic to CVS (in proper Mother Lode fashion I should refer to this as the place where Longs Drugs used to be) to buy some Castor Oil, which they didn’t have. Isn’t there a law that requires a drug store  to carry Castor Oil? 🙂  

Shopping in Twain Harte

I had made a trip to the Twain Harte Pharmacy to pick up some supplies and to be honest; I had looked at the bottle of Castor Oil and decided against purchasing it. I only knew that it was good for you, if you drink it – which hardly anyone had the guts to do. A person has to be desperately ill before contemplating actually taking a dose of it orally. It really is vile tasting – if memory serves me correctly.  

Shop the Twain Harte Pharmacy

It seems ironic that every time I think I can to pick something up at CVS, and save a few bucks, it turns out they do not have what I need and I end up at the Twain Harte Pharmacy, down the street from our house, anyway.  

The Twain Harte Pharmacy always seems to have exactly what I need. It is close to home, there is rarely a line longer than two people deep, and it’s not Wal-Mart. I will never figure out how they fit so many diverse items into that store. They always have exactly what I’m looking for and generally their prices are as good, if not better, than anything I can buy while shopping in Sonora.  

I almost forgot. I never had to use the Castor Oil plaster. After only one treatment, my stomach feels wonderful, except for a slight tenderness from the aggressive massage. My teeth feel good, my jaw is totally healed and I am back to my old self, thanks once again to an extraordinary Chiropractor – may he live long and prosper – oh, that’s another station.  

It will be a long while before I take my health for granted again. I’ve been sick many times in the past, and it has been a rare occasion when I’ve been able to see so clearly how an illness or injury, can have a direct affect on a seemingly totally unrelated organ and/or body part. Just goes to show you how well our body works to help keep us in good health.  

I hope you are taking care of yourself too.  🙂

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