Orphan Twin Fawns?


Posted by Annie in Outdoors on August 3, 2009

The Twins DrinkTwain Harte is home to a large deer population and each year, at this time we look forward to the baby fawns stopping in for a visit.

Our little visitors are skiddish to say the least, so we are sure to keep our distance.  We try to keep fresh, cool, water available for them and in return they treat us to some terrific photo opportunities — so long as we are quiet and move slowly.

These twins have been visiting us for weeks now and in recent days I’ve grown quite concerned for them.  They are pretty young for mom to have turned them loose on their own already.  However, for the past few days, while the twins have stopped in, mom doesn’t appear to be anywhere in the vicinity — very strange.

Just two-days ago the dark fawn, (seen in the foreground) was wanding around behind our house for a long period of time making a horrible crying noise. We simply thought the little deer was calling for mama.

However, if you look closely near the fawns mid-section, you can see what appears to be two sharp objects protruding out.  The poor thing could be injured.  After zooming in on the image, the fawn doesn’t appear to be bloody but it’s very hard to tell.

Has anyone in the area seen these two or their mother?  I’m keeping my eye out for them.

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My son kindly reported today that the fawns are back with mother and all are doing well. I was so happy to hear the news.

There sure are a lot of deer around here right now. At least once in a day I’ll hear a horn blow at the deer, demanding they get out of the way. There are days when I hear hooves on the pavement all day long.

With the road construction through here it will probably be awhile before the little dears return. I’ll miss the call of my early birds that sing to me outside my window in the early hours just after dawn.

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