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Posted by Annie in Twain Harte News on October 13, 2009

Local schools are gearing up to provide the H1N1 Vaccine to children. An Tuolumne County health official has the audacity to compare this highly controversial vaccine to food in a statement, which was published today by MyMotherLode News.

County Health Officer Comments On H1N1 Vaccine Risk

October 13, 2009

Sonora, CA — While some Mother Lode residents may be concerned about the risk of the new H1N1 vaccine, Tuolumne County Health Officer Dr. Todd Stolp assures the public this is a pure vaccine.

As Dr. Stolp points out, “You take a risk every time you back the car out of the driveway to go grocery shopping. The need for food is obviously greater than the risk involved. The same is true for the H1N1 vaccine.

This is a pure vaccine produced under the same standards and procedures as the seasonal flu vaccine. Those who do not have other health issues should not be concerned with the effect of the new H1N1 vaccine.”

Tuolumne County has already received 600 doses of the vaccine, 500 of which have been distributed to local health care providers. 100 doses have been retained by the Health Department to distribute to those who do not have a health care provider. By the end of the month an additional 8,000 doses will be on hand.

Dr. Stolp adds, “At that time we’ll be able to initiate our school vaccination program. Students will only be vaccinated upon the approval of their parents or legal guardians.”

Parents should be aware that these vaccines are experimental and have not been properly tested. Are you willing to allow your children to be treated as Guinea pigs?

Make Your Own Flu Vaccine!

As a parent, I understand the concern we all have for the health and well-being of our children, but folks, this is simply frightening. Before you subject your child to the H1N1 vaccine or FluMist the nasal spray equivalent, please do your homework. Do not put your children at risk from unproven vaccines that could lead to unknown medical issues in the future. The introduction and administration of this vaccine violates long-standing Federal law that has been in place since 1964!

Just last week Bill Sardi wrote an article, which was published on LewRockwell.com, it’s a good place to start reading up on the Swine Flu Vaccine: Eighteen Reasons Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu This Season.

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Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties have both received a small, unspecified amount of the intra-nasal H1N1 vaccine, which is a live vaccine.

Both counties are targeting children ages 2 to 9 years old and caregivers of children under 6 months old. Since this is a live virus, anyone who comes into contact with these children and caregivers can be exposed to the virus for up to 21-days.

Parents are encouraged to do their homework and give careful consideration before they allow their children to be given the nasal spray vaccine.

Tuolumne County Health Officer Dr. Todd Stolp and his Calaveras County counterpart, Dr. Dean Kelaita admit that the locals aren’t clamering to get the vaccine, which is good news for those of us who haven’t been vaccinated. It means fewer of us will be exposed to the live virus.

Be aware also that if a family member receives the H1N1 vaccine and has an adverse reaction, you have no recourse under the law. You cannot sue the vaccine manufacturers, your doctor, health care workers, or the state. You will bear the full cost of medical care for an residual effects from the vaccine.

Please follow the links above and read everything you can before making this potentially life-changing decision.

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