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Posted by Annie in Family Fun, Outdoors on September 5, 2009

The Squirrel Spill

The Squirrel Spill

Living just a short distance from the post office, you would think there wouldn’t be much wildlife scurrying about in town.

I have to chuckle just thinking about it, because I’ve actually sat and watched the deer meander down the middle of Twain Harte Road, and mull around the Twain Harte Christmas Tree, across from 7-11.

We used to joke they were trying to decide who’s turn it was, to go into 7-11 to buy beer.

It was rather entertaining watching three jumbo raccoons, in full coat, playing tag, in the street directly in front of The Harte Collection Gift Shop, located on Twain Harte Drive.  It was hard to imagine these three raccoons scampering down the road, acting just like kids.

I’ve passed many an afternoon enjoying the show put on by the squirrels and birds as they interact. For several days we had a real comedy routine to observe when one resident Stellar Jay decided his irritating neighbor — the squirrel — didn’t need a drink of water. Each time the squirrel would bob to get a drink, the bird would dive into his rearend, knocking him off of, or into, the water. It was all very comical.

I’m certain the squirrel would not agree.

Stellar Jay

Stellar Jay

There is a certain red tail fox who likes to make his way through our yard each evening around dusk. He’s a highsteppin’ critter, who doesn’t stop to smell the roses, he just trots on through like he’s on a mission.

When the trash goes out, we check the lid, not once but twice and often three times. Those raccoons are scavengers and will eat anything left accessible. If we aren’t fretting about the raccoons, we can always concentrate on the bears.

Fortunately, the bears seem to have better places to be, than our house most of the year. We’ve only had trouble out of them during the Winter months. I ended up replacing one multipurpose bird feeder and two hummingbird feeders this Spring. I almost forgot about all the cans (with locking lids) that we ended up purchasing this year.

Did you know raccoons love bird food? Well, they love just about anything really.

We’ve picked up several bird books in an effort to learn more about each one. It seems each year we are discovered by more varieties of birds. I’ve seen more varieties this year, than ever before.

It’s Labor Day weekend, the town has swollen to more than twice it’s normal size. Houses are full, friends and family are gathering to celebrate.  Don’t forget to take a little time out for yourself and enjoy the wildlife. If you are still, you will discover they aren’t as far away as you might expect.

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