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Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on August 10, 2009

Fuller Road ConstructionOur family finally moved into a house here in Twain Harte, round about five years ago now. It would be nice for our son to have a yard – even if it was only rocks and pine cone mulch. Our yard is pretty pathetic but the addition of a hammock and some strategically placed bird feeders has livened up the place substantially.

For the first few years, during Spring clean-up, I would shovel up all the dirt along-side the road that builds up every winter. It was a huge job, you wouldn’t believe how much dirt and rock can accumulate over just one season. The job got to be too expensive and too strenous, so I finally had to give up.

Just the other day the street cleaners worked their way up the hill. It’s hard to believe this is the same street. I overheard one of the crew members exclaim that he couldn’t believe how much room there was on that portion of the road. The difference was astounding.

Fuller Road Resurfacing

Then the other shoe dropped. The real reason the street was finally being cleaned after all this time – construction. Road crews will be working on Fuller Road sometime this week, resurfacing the street. It was with mixed feelings that I received the news.

On one hand, we’ll have construction crews outside our house for one full day, possibly two. On the other hand, wow, no more patch job or craters to swallow our car whole.

The smell of tar or asphalt is more than I can handle. Perhaps a trip to Kennedy Meadows is in order?

I’ll post a note as soon as I know the day they are to begin work, so that locals can avoid the area. I sure wish I could, they will have our house blocked in for longer than I’d like — but won’t it be nice when they finish!

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Yay! Finally, I’ll be able to drive up and down Fuller without swerving around the craters by the Evangelical Church.

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