Twain Harte to Sonora and Back


Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on December 9, 2009

Today was a fun day. Not! We had an appointment to get adjusted today by Dr. Andrew K. Hall, a chiropractor in Sonora. The good doctor is a true healer. [Summit Chiropractic] Between chiropractic adjustments, CLNRT treatments and his Class IV Laser, he keeps me motivating.

Chains Required -- Highway 108

Chains Required -- Highway 108

It seems everyone in the county was out today. The after lunch traffic was surprisingly heavy. The main roads were the only ones to have been properly cleared at the time (between 1 and 3 pm.). The congestion was exacerbated by the stop light being out at the intersection in front of Big O’ Tires and Rite Aid.

I’ve never seen so much snow in Sonora and we’ve lived in the area for over six-years now.

AT&T Customer Service

As if I wasn’t frustrated enough by drivers who would have done well by simply staying home. My AT&T Go Phone decided to charge me for the day, even though I never touched it. In my attempts to obtain a $1 credit, I screamed obscenities at an automated message that refused to understand my simple request for, “Customer Service.” After 30-minutes of trying to validate who I was, in order to obtain a $1 credit, I was fit to be tied. I was ready to bury my cell phone in the backyard.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Taco Bell (meximelts, hold the fiesta, please), just enough to tide us over a shopping trip at Save Mart, where, btw, we got the best deal on lobster and crab. We bought whole dungeness crab for only $2.99 a pound and whole lobsters for only $4.99 a pound. We’ve been paying $29.99 per pound for lobster tails, this is a significant savings for not that much extra work.

Since I have been craving “Joey Fingers” from Huckabee’s Sonshine Station, we stopped there on the way back to Twain Harte, where I promptly fell flat on my back. I slipped on the ice. I felt so bad, for the owner. Tim was so kind. I ate every bite of my Joey Fingers though.  They are the very best.

Laser Treatment

I called Dr. Hall on the way home, he hooked me up with a laser treatment. Wow! You wouldn’t believe the results. My back, which had been all red from where I had fallen on a piece of concrete, responded immediate to the treatment. The red bruising totally disappeared. I plan to try to get another treatment tomorrow.

So much for the nice lobster dinner I had planned for tonight. Fortunately, the lobster will keep. I sort of feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. I’ve already decided to find an alternative pair of shoes to wear. I don’t think my clogs are safe to wear when it’s snowy or wet outside.

Road Conditions

Snow Covered Fuller Road

Snow Covered Fuller Road

Driving in Twain Harte is slow and steady. The roads haven’t been plowed to their normal pristine condition because the equipment is being used in Sonora to clear the roads for those who aren’t prepared to deal with the elements.

Traveler’s to Twain Harte are currently required to have their chains on or have 4-wheel drive and snow tires. According to news reports cars not chained up will be stopped and be required to chain up. We didn’t see anyone being stopped today and we made the trip without chains in our Outback. Many trucks had their chains on. Unless you have an Outback, with good tires, I recommend the chains.

Personally, I was a nervous wreck today. I am not looking forward to driving anywhere anytime soon, especially since we are expecting more snow Wednesday evening.

Now for the good news — Dodge Ridge is opening Friday. The price for a season ticket for kids is way cheap. If I thought my son would go more than once or twice, I’d get him a season ticket. The discounted price is good until Thursday, December 10th. This is gonna be a terrific snow season.

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El Nino Season!


Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on December 7, 2009

Snow Covered Car

Snow Covered Car in Twain Harte, CA

It started falling early in the day on Sunday and hasn’t stopped yet. That fluffy white stuff we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived here in Twain Harte.

Fortunately, for Monday morning commuters, we’ve seen only about an inch of accumulation thus far, with no signs of the snowfall letting up any time soon.  Drivers should allow themselves a little extra time this morning to reach their destination.

Temperatures fell down to a cool 35° overnight and are expected to dip further, down into the 20s Monday and Tuesday evenings, so put another log on the fire (or another bag of pellets), bundle up and stay inside if you can.

The first snow of the year is always an exciting time in Twain Harte. Looks like winter could be here to stay for a while. 

Dodge Ridge has reported in:

An El Nino season has been predicted and the snow began falling today at around 1:00 p.m.  Snow accumulations of 2+ feet are predicted to fall by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night and a Winter Storm Watch is in effect from tonight through Monday night. Snow is expected to fall all week, so be sure to check out the Dodge Ridge live web cams. Opening day is right around the corner!

It’s official: All motherlode schools are closed today.

Darn that global warming

Darn that global warming

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Snow Predicted


Posted by Annie in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on December 5, 2009

Snowball Fight Anyone?

Snowball Fight Anyone?

Are you ready for the snow?

AccuWeather is predicting rain and snow will break out in northern California Sunday night and spread rapidly south late Sunday night and Monday. Snow levels are likely to be only 1,000 feet in the north, about 1,500 to 2,000 feet around the Bay Area to the Central Coastal Mountains.

If you haven’t dug out your chains yet, checked your tires and anti-freeze in your car, don’t wait. This next weather system could get nasty.  Visit Winter Driving Emergency Survival Tips for more helpful winter tips.

Who knows, maybe we will get enough snow to be able to head up to LeLand Snow Park. I can hardly wait. Don’t you just love the snow?