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Posted by Annie in Organic on January 22, 2010

Apparently, my little column created a minor stir last week, when Nature’s Whole Food Depot actually sold out of Organic Pastures Raw Milk. I know this, because I sent my husband on a special errand down the hill to pick up some raw milk. 

Get it straight from the cow.

When he arrived they told him they don’t understand why, but they ran out, which rarely happens. I was very disappointed. So, today my husband stopped to pick some up for me, I was glad they still had some on the shelves. I’m guessing I wasn’t the only person in the area who was missing their raw milk. 

You can image how happy I am to report that their price is actually less than Save Mart was selling it for – a lot less. It’s affordable now – if you aren’t huge milk drinkers. 

I used to buy raw milk exclusively but it just got too expensive for us. We don’t drink a lot of milk here. A half a gallon lasts us for about two weeks. I’m the person seen practically climbing into the refrigerator at the market digging for the latest possible date on the milk. I refuse to drink milk past the expiration date. I don’t care if it’s still okay. Trust me; we dump a lot of milk. 

Raw milk is only fresh four or five days after it’s opened. Well, I would be so excited to finally have some in the house that I would open it up right away. Then it would sit in the refrigerator until it started to turn. 

The milk is still perfectly useable even after it begins to turn. I can’t drink it then but I made the boys a pseudo version of kefir and they really liked it. I like to use it for pancakes, battered fish, onion rings and other recipes that call for buttermilk. Unfortunately, I’m not always that organized to plan ahead like that. We normally ended up dumping a great deal of it. 

What can I do with warm or soured raw milk?
Soured raw milk is still a vitally nutritious product and should be cultured for optimal flavor and taste. If you find yourself with a container of souring milk, just put in some live culture (some yogurt or store bought kefir starter, then set the product out for 24 hours at 80-85 degrees. The resulting food is wonderful, delicious, digestible, and highly nutritious. In most countries this is how people drink their milk. Our great grandparents called it Clabbered milk. Other raw milk and raw dairy recipes are available by calling OPDC at 1-877-RAW MILK.

I realized we were just pouring good money down the drain. So, we went back to drinking dead milk, only because it has such an extended shelf-life. It was so nice when it was available at the Twain Harte Market. We were real disappointed when they stopped carrying it. I’d be happy if I could buy it a quart or pint at a time, instead of having to purchase an entire half gallon. 

On a brighter note, as my son was getting ready to leave Nature’s Whole Food Depot, he happened to notice they are not carrying raw chocolate milk. I can hardly wait to try it. I’m so excited. 

I happened to notice awhile back that Organic Pastures carries raw cream in the pint size. Maybe I can talk them into making it available in that size. Then I could buy two at a time, but only open one, making it last longer.  It’s worth a try.

Let me take this opportunity to encourage you to drink raw milk. If you haven’t tried it, you are really missing out on a good thing. The health benefits are worth the drive and the expense. For those who love raw milk, don’t get lazy and buy homogenized, pasteurized, dead milk – especially if you are an allergy sufferer – just because it’s handy. 

“Raw dairy is a super health food and should never be kept back from the public access.”  ~Shawn Dady

Writing this made me thirsty, so I ran into the kitchen for a nice cold glass of milk. There is nothing like fresh organic raw milk. I still have trouble calling this raw milk. When I grew up, the only milk we had was raw, fresh and delicious. It would have never occurred to us to label our milk “raw”. 

Good to the last drop!

Speaking of allergies – perhaps you’ve heard that the new Sonora Allergy Center is holding its Grand Opening on Ground Hog’s Day, February 2,2010.  This is exciting news for Tuolumne County residents; Dr. Andrew K. Hall has purchased the counties first allergy therapy laser. The good news is that this laser doesn’t treat your symptoms or attempt to cover them up, it totally eliminates them. 

According to some experts drinking raw milk can actually cure some allergies too. Wouldn’t it be terrific to simply drink a glass of milk, instead of enduring weekly or month shots and over-the-counter meds, searching for relief from your symptoms? Honestly, it just sounds too good to be true to me, but it wouldn’t totally surprise me. I notice a huge difference in my own body’s response to drinking raw milk. 

Let’s make sure Nature’s Whole Food Depot has to double their raw milk section. They receive their milk shipment on Tuesday late afternoon. So, be sure to get there before they are sold out. I know we’ll be stopping in on Tuesdays. I just wish they received their shipment at 2 p.m. instead of after 4 p.m. but I’ll deal with it. 

See you there.

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Get Raw Milk Locally


Posted by Annie in Organic on January 17, 2010

We stopped in at Save Mart in Sonora a couple weeks ago in search of raw milk, only to find they had stopped carrying it. I was totally bummed out.

Raw Milk

We used to purchase Organic Pastures Raw Milk from the Twain Harte Market and they stopped stocking it as well. One of the problems with carrying raw milk is that is has a much shorter shelf life than dead milk. (Dead milk is milk that has been pasteurized and homogenized, killing any living organisms.)

I’ve found that once a bottle of raw milk has been opened, you have four days to drink it before it begins to clabber. While the milk is still drinkable once it starts to turn, it’s not my cup of tea, if you know what I mean.

My son has a terrible case of tonsillitis and I read that milk is good for the throat. So, I wanted to pick up some raw milk for him to try, since I know it helps with other ailments such as allergies.

I wanted to give it a try but was having trouble finding it locally. Organic Pastures has a listing of local merchants who carry the product. I was happy to learn that Organic Pastures Raw Milk can still be purchased locally at Nature’s Whole Food Depot on Standard Road. I’ll be making a trip over there in the next few days to pick some up, so be sure to save one for me.

According the Organic Pastures website, Save Mart in Modesto, Stockton, and Riverbank still carry raw milk. I am really surprised they stopped stocking it in Sonora, it seemed to sell pretty well (they were always sold out) but I’ll have to check with the manager to find out what happened.

I know that raw milk isn’t cheap but the health benefits are amazing especially for anyone who has trouble drinking dead milk. Neither my husband nor I can tolerate the dead milk sold everywhere. We can’t be sure but I’m certainly happy to know that I can run out and purchase a half gallon whenever I want.

If you haven’t tried drinking raw milk, stop in at Nature’s Whole Food Depot and pick some up. Your body just might thank you someday.

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Wanted: Locally Grown Organic Foods


Posted by Annie in Organic on June 10, 2008

Our family has recently discovered the benefits of eating organic foods. We have been able to find raw milk and organic eggs at Save Mart in Sonora. (However, we would prefer to buy our eggs directly from the farmer.)

We belong to the Sonora Freecyle list, but it is against the rules to make our request there. So, I’ll post it here. If anyone knows of a place to get locally grown organic beef, poultry, eggs and produce, please write or call 586-9652, with the details.

Thank you for your assistance. Response posted below…

Oak Valley Dairy

Oak Valley Dairy, owned by Lloyd and Babette Pareira, along with their children responded to my request. Their family owned and operated farm offers organic butter, milk, eggs and roasting hens to area residents and even some local restaurants. For more information the Pareira Family can be reached at (209) 722-1149.

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