Driving For Dummies


Posted by Annie in Twain Harte News on December 1, 2010

To the guy in the pretty blue pick-up truck, who passed the very large, slow moving (I wish I knew more about trucks, so I could describe the truck better) commercial dumpster-like truck that was obviously loaded to the max — please pick up a copy of “Driving For Dummies.”

Rules of the Road

You obviously missed the chapter on passing vehicles on a double yellow line, up-a-hill, on a blind curve in the snow and ice. What were you thinking? It was obvious the larger truck had a full load and was struggling to get up the hill. Were you in that much of a hurry that you couldn’t have been even a little patient?

I think I was just as shocked at your behavior as the other truck driver was. I just wish I had a camera in hand, so I could have posted your picture. You earn the “Stupid Driver Award” of the day.

Since I couldn’t find a copy of “Driving for Dummies,” perhaps this “Rules of the Road” DVD set will help you learn the law and help you to remember to follow it in the future. Please pick up a copy and watch it several times.

The sun is out today, it is currently 47 degrees, with a potential high of 56 degrees. It has been so cold recently, it will feel like we are having a heatwave. The highs are supposed to be in the mid-50s all week long.

According to MyMotherlode.com the annual Twain Harte Christmas Parade has been cancelled.

The Twain Harte Christmas Parade scheduled for this Friday has been cancelled due to snow and ice.

Kathi Kopyn of the Twain Harte Christmas Committee was Wednesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day.”

According to Kopyn, the community sing along will now take place beginning at 5:30pm at the American Legion Hall on Manzanita Drive in Twain Harte.

Santa Claus will arrive at the Hall at 6pm and children may have their pictures taken with him.

Kopyn promises hot chocolate, cookies, apples and more with the evening’s events running from 5:30pm through 8pm.

According to the Twain Harte Chamber of Commerce, the lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Twain Harte at 6:00 pm, is still scheduled.

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Get Outdoors and Play


Posted by Annie in Outdoors on May 27, 2008

Many area residents and visitors alike were surprised by the unexpected snowstorm last week, which blanketed the upper elevations and caused the closure of Sonora Pass over the holiday weekend.

The weekend rains were welcomed by many concerned about an overly dry summer. Cloudy days are being forecasted for the rest of the week, with temperatures remaining in mid 70s for the rest of the week, and into next weekend, making this a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. It won’t be too hot or too cold. So, plan a picnic, take a hike, enjoy the fresh mountain air before the summer heat returns.

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