Gas Prices Drop


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on June 1, 2011

During the course of our travels yesterday, we made our way down to Sonora, to be pleasantly surprised. The gas prices have finally fallen below $4.00 a gallon — to $3.999. A drop of almost 20 cents a gallon, overnight.

Even though it’s almost noon now, the temperature hovers at 44°. The sky is gray and gloomy, with just a hint of an occasional sun peeking through. It’s been trying to sprinkle, but so far it hasn’t really rained. Local weather forecasts are calling for 2 inches of snow down to 5,000 feet, which means we’ll probably get snow down to 3,500 feet.

I expect the pass to close again this evening, if it isn’t already closed again. If you plan to travel to the high country, don’t forget the tire chains, dress in layers and call ahead for road closure information.

Stay warm!

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Rapid Snow Melt


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Outdoors, Twain Harte News on April 3, 2011

We’ve had a pleasant weekend here in Twain Harte. Thursday and Friday were warmer than usual for this time of year. I was getting concerned that we would be skipping Spring this year, only to head right into that hot summer weather.

We were expecting rain all day Saturday. The air had that heavy feeling and the sun made only fleeting appearances but the rain never came. Today, the sun is back out but the air is crisp and cool. It’s currently 55 degrees here in Twain Harte.

Look for more sunny weather this week with temperatures ranging in the low to mid 50s.

Very little snow remains at 4,000 feet. Snow seekers will want to drive up to Dodge Ridge or past Strawberry to find plenty of sledding and snow play opportunities. With these warmer, sunny days the snow isn’t sticking around long.

Like most of the locals we haven’t let our guard down. It’s the rare year that doesn’t see snowfall for Easter Sunday. So, we’ve been cleaning up the messes left behind by the recent series of storms. We are waiting to set up our summer outdoor gear, just in case the weather decides to turn on us again.

Area tree services should be having a banner year, with all the trees that were toppled. We haven’t decide whether or not to purchase a chain saw and cut up the trees ourselves or if we should hire the work done. It’s a lot of work but a necessary one. Not only can we use the fire wood next year but extra wood lying around only adds fuel for the fire, should a forest fire break out nearby. The law requires a 100 foot clearing around any structures.

These are perfect days for working around the yard — just as soon as the snow melts. We have one area that we still can’t get to because of all the snow but by and large the majority of the snow has melted.

Looking for something to do over Easter weekend?
Check out the 2011 Motherlode Area Calendar of Events.

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Perfect for Snow Play!


Posted by Shawn & Annette in Family Fun, Outdoors, Twain Harte News on March 28, 2011

For anyone who has been putting off taking a trip “Up the Hill,” pack up the car and head for the hills. Today was a simply gorgeous day. The sun was a big hit making an otherwise brisk day tolerable. There was a definite nip in the air.

However, if the weather reports are to be believed, we are expecting warm sunny days for most of the week. The snow is piled high, in many places along highway 108 you can expect to see 8 feet (or more) of nasty icky snow but, just a short jaunt off the main road and pristine snow can still be found. These are perfect sledding days.

I’m told we will even share some 70 degree weather this week. So, if you are planning to wait until the weekend to make the trip, you’ll have to drive much further. Most of the snow in the immediate Twain Harte area won’t survive the week. Just North of Sierra Village there should still be plenty through the weekend.

This might just be your last chance to play in the snow until next year. Just remember to leave nature as you found it — come enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Let the wonders of God and nature renew your spirit and give you a fresh perspective on life. I can’t image life anywhere else. This truly is God’s creation.

Area Snow Fun!

Dodge Ridge Reports:

March 28, 2011 // 6:00am – All in all, over 8 days we received 150 inches – that’s 12 and 1/2 feet of snow! Even more amazing is the 609″ mark we hit for a year to date season snowfall total, breaking all snowfall records for nearly 3 decades! Base depths are currently at 144 – 158 inches.

Dodge Ridges offers very reasonably priced ski packages and instruction. Why not sign the kids up for a few lessons? But if the kids aren’t into the whole ski scene. Check out Leland. Leland Snowplay is offering Mini Snowmobile Rides this year.

Kids ages 5-12 will enjoy the thrill of revving miniature snowmobiles while zipping around the oval course.

For kids ages 5-12 or a weight limit of 110 lbs. Helmets must be worn and are included in the cost of the ride. All Participants must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature on a waiver. All kids must be able to demonstrate that they can safely handle snowmobiles prior to riding.

Additional Fee Required for snowmobiles. Available on weekends and holidays.

I just wish I were a kid again. Perhaps, a few more years of good snow and someone will start renting snowmobiles out at Sierra Village or at Leland Snowplay — wouldn’t that be neat.

The Outpost Deli, located at 20661 Soulsbyville Road, in Soulsbyville is closed for remodeling, they plan to reopen on Thursday.

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