Les Miz Youth Workshop


Posted by Annie in Activities, Tuolumne County on March 12, 2014

If you are into acting and the creative arts, I’ve got good news Sierra Rep Jr. will host a Les Miz Youth Workshop. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  Check out the details…

Les Miserables in Palace

Sierra Repertory Theatre Jr. will offer a Spring Break Workshop March 24-28. Participants will learn and perform appropriate selections from Les Miserables, the breathtaking musical currently playing at Sierra Rep’s East Sonora Theatre.

“I am excited to introduce this musical to a group that may know nothing about it, the die hard fans, and everyone in between,” SRT Jr. Education Director Ralph Krumins said. “It’s going to be a week of hard work, but the end product is going to make everyone happy, sad, and proud to be a part of our musical theatre community.”

Sierra Rep invites participants and their families to see the full production after the workshop’s youth performance on Friday. Enrollment fee is $98 and includes price of admission for one ticket to Sierra Rep’s Les Miserables. Sign up forms are available on the Education page at www.sierrarep.org.

Upcoming Sierra Rep Jr. offerings include a summer workshop in July and August and a school tour of the new children’s musical Magic of Threes. To sign up for the summer workshop or learn more about having Sierra Rep visit your school, contact Ralph Krumins at education@sierrarep.org, as well as 209-532-0502 extension 123.

Sierra Rep’s production of Les Miserables plays through May 4 at the East Sonora Theatre. Tickets cost $26-42 depending on date, time and seating, with student and senior rates available. For tickets and information, visit Sierra Rep online or call the Box Office at 209-532-3120.

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Our backyard Chickens


Posted by Annie in Activities, Family Fun, Organic on February 26, 2013

Yesterday, my hubby and I bought 12 chickens — and to tell you the truth, Shawn was not all that excited about it.  We got the chicken coop all set up, it’s already falling apart.  We got it a TSC for $99.  It’s not well made.  But we can fix it.


We picked up a plastic feeder and waterer — I should have bought the metal ones.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  And we got some pine shavings.  All they had at TSC was medicated chick starter, so we decided against it and went organic.  They had organic starter at Sonora Feed Store but it wasn’t cheap.

The birds are all settled in.  We’ve had fun trying to keep them warm through the night.  It’s still getting down in the low 30’s.  We’ve got a red heat lamp inside and some heavy blankets on the outside of the coop.  That seems to do the trick.

I’ve been monitoring them, if they’re huddled tight together under the light it’s too cold.  If they are panting and looking for the air conditioning, it’s too warm.  It’s hardest for me, because I want to watch them and I can’t while keeping them warm at the same time.  They are just so darned cute!

I feel really good about having the chickens.  I may not be able to grow a garden up on this mountain, but I can raise chickens for eggs and meat — well at least I think I can.  Time will tell.

I’ll be talking about our chicken adventures from time to time.  I look forward to hearing from you, too.  Does anyone have backyard chickens?

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High Altitude Baking


Posted by Annie in Activities, Organic on December 17, 2012

I’ve been trying to get a “mother” going for sour dough bread and trying to do it without yeast.  Easier said than done.  It gets all bubbly and full of gas but when I go to bake bread with it, either it doesn’t rise or no matter how much flour I use, it never becomes elastic.  It’s so strange but I haven’t give up yet.

A sourdough starter fermenting.

I did a search for “high altitude baking”. There is some good advice out there.

If you have kids, do visit: The High Art of Baking at Altitude.  They really know how to explain this.  I think it’s fascinating.

“Low air pressure has two main effects on baked goods: They will rise more easily, and lose moisture faster; liquids evaporate more quickly since water boils at lower temperatures at high altitude.”

I don’t know why none of these sites mention what I consider the most important thing: your pans.  Bright and shiny pans are not so good. I find that the darker they are, the better they perform.  So, if you’re having trouble getting your bread to bake, or cookies are inedible, try buying the darkest pan you can find.

Like this…

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