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Posted by Annie in Outdoors on March 31, 2012

Pink Marshmallow Peeps

Pink Marshmallow Peeps

The clouds were really moving to the North earlier. They looked so beautiful, you know the ones, they were like fluffy white marshmallows. We decided to grill chicken on the barbecue, it started out to be such a beautiful day. We figured we had until 2:00 p.m. before the rain came down, boy were we wrong.

It started raining about noon and it wasn’t long before we were looking at snow. Apparently, it only snows on the weekend. My husband tells me it’s because of the traffic patterns. I still think it’s very strange. Whatever it is, it’s not natural.

I can’t believe how hard it’s coming down. It’s really snowing out there and it’s not that light fluffy stuff either; it’s Sierra Cement. If you leave this stuff until tomorrow – if it doesn’t melt first – it will be like a rock but heavier.  🙂

I thought last weekend was it, but it’s looking like we might actually get several inches – maybe even enough for a snowman. Have a fun weekend. Remember to carry the chains.

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We’re going to get snow next weekend, too! It always snows on Easter!

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