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Posted by Annie in Outdoors on September 12, 2009

I have to shake my head in wonder, as I see cars zip up and down these mountain roads like they were hell bend for election and nothing was gonna stop them. What’s the rush?


Caution: Deer Crossing

One bright sunny day our family had made it’s way up to Sugar Pine Ridge to pay a visit to a family member. As it turned out the family member was not home.  Just as we had maneuvered the car around to leave, we saw the most incredible sight. What a time not to have my camera ready.

There, just a few feet in front of us, was the most astonishing view — two mother lions with two baby cubs were walking down the center line on Middle Camp Road. Incredibly they didn’t pay us a bit of attention and didn’t appear to care about traffic or anything else for that matter.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

This little guy wasn’t so lucky. The sad thing is, as we have travelled up and down Highway 108 and Tuolumne Road, we’ve seen about a dozen mountain lions and bobcats slain by the side of the road. The vast majority were yearlings, who probably had no idea cars could travel so fast.

This year alone we’ve seen deer, fox, lions and believe it or not, snakes who have been run over and killed. We make it a point to stop and investigate when we can. I’d hate to think of an injured animal suffering on the roadside.

My advice to mountain travellers: Slow down, take your time and enjoy the fresh air, nature and our beautiful surroundings and remember to watch for wildlife, who may be crossing the road. Maybe you will even have a camera handy.

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